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Apple’s 2018 iPad Pro Contains A Surprising 102 Magnets

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Just when you thought Apple has run out of innovative ideas for their technology, they do it again. In case you missed it in 2018, Apple launched their latest version of the iPad Pro. With the iPad containing a staggering 102 small magnets.

Although we tend to assume magnets and technology don’t work well together, in past blogs we’ve discovered that accessories such as magnetic mounts and cases are safe to use on our phones. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Apple found a way to incorporate purposeful magnets into their designs.

If previous tablets were able to function without all these magnets, then why do the latest iPad’s require them?

The addition of magnets has proven more beneficial than you might think. Firstly, they allow the Apple Pencil to attach onto the iPad. Also, once attached to the tablet, the pencil charges wirelessly. In addition, consumers can now attach the iPad to the Smart Keyboard Folio, which features a full-sized keyboard and cover. Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of the additional magnets is that they provide those brave users with the option to stick the iPad to their fridge, whiteboard, or any other magnetic surface. Apple’s Smart Folio and Smart Keyboard Folio attach to the back of the device, held entirely in place by magnets. Highlighting the extent to which Apple have utilized magnets in the back of the iPad, because those cases need to stay on firmly and they do.

In addition, having an array of magnets on the back of the tablet is helpful for alignment. In older iPad’s, it was a tedious task to align a Smart Cover precisely with the magnets on the side of the tablet without it being slightly misaligned. However, with the latest iPad Pro’s incorporation of a large number of magnets on the back of it, iPad accessories like the smart covers slot into proper alignment without any thought.

Another small, but highly effective use of more magnets in Apple’s products is on the Folio covers. Specifically, when you fold the cover back behind the iPad Pro it magnetically attaches to the back case, holding it firmly in place so that it doesn’t flap around.

How are the magnets distributed?

To determine where the magnets are distributed in the tablet, tech vlogger Marques Brown used magnetic field viewing film to find out. In an attempt to find out where the magnets are positioned, the film was run over the tablet. In turn, this identified exactly where the magnets are placed. Brown’s video of this indicates that most of the magnets gathered in the four corners of the iPad Pro. There are fewer magnets in the corner of the iPad containing its camera, because magnets and cameras can interact in unpleasant ways. However, the other three corners are highly magnetic.

What is magnetic field viewing film?

Magnetic field viewing film, also known as field paper is considered microencapsulated film. Microencapsulation is a process where tiny particles are enclosed in a coating. Within this green film, there are millions of magnetic particles suspended in oil. Therefore, when positioned over a magnet it will attract the particles to the areas where the magnet is the strongest. On the paper, the poles will appear dark green.

The viewing paper is able to show a variety of permanent magnets, including:

  • Neodymium (NdFeB)
  • Samarium Cobalt (SmCo)
  • Alnico
  • Ferrite
  • Flexible Magnets

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