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For over 10 years, Goudsmit UK have been manufacturing and supplying die castings to a range of industries. The knowledge and experience gained in that time means we can work closely with you to develop the die design and processing of your die cast products.

Die Casting - Fea & Design


At a component level, we can produce a casting for you that not only performs at its best mechanically, but that also adheres to tolerance specifications and has a professional cosmetic finish.

Key considerations we consider during the design stage are:

Die fill

Mechanical performance

Ease of Casting

Thorough analysis in these areas will help to avoid cold welds, air pockets and cold castings. Furthermore, it’s important to evaluate that any pure FEA for mechanical strength is not undone by casting flaws which have not been predicted.

Die Casting Materials


We can offer you both high and low pressure casting options for the following common materials:


Cast Iron
Various Steels

Material choices for castings can be complex and so we would advise that you contact us as early as possible to discuss the correct alloy choice for your application.

Die Castings


Goudsmit UK can tailor your requirements to supply the finish you need on your product. Options include providing your parts:

As Cast

Fully machined
With a Surface finish

Shot blasting, bead blasting and vibratory tumbling are some common techniques we employ to modify the finish post cast.

In addition, we can offer several high quality surface finishes including:

Powder coating


For more detailed information please download our product brochure.

Die Casting Tooling


Expert tool design and construction is essential for the successful outcome of your product. As each tool is unique to a specific application, we work with a specialist tooling manufacturer to ensure you get the right tools for the job.

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