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  • Posted on 3rd January 2020 in the categories: Company News, Magnetics

    UK Magnetics Society Membership Renewal

    UK Magnetics Society logo on engineer working on FEA

    Goudsmit UK are pleased to confirm they have renewed their membership with the UK Magnetics Society. Continuing their membership for the third year in a row allows Goudsmit UK to remain strong in the field of supplying bespoke magnets and magnetic assemblies to highly demanding industries.

    Goudsmit UK are an established sub-contract manufacturer based in Lisburn. We have a proven track-record of supplying quality engineered components into wide ranging industries. Goudsmit UK pride themselves with their exceptional quality standards. We’re accredited to ISO 9001 and AS 9120, the highly distinguished quality management system standards.

    With an established network of logistic partners, backed up with years of experience, Goudsmit UK add value to their clients’ supply chain by project managing their product requirements from the early design stage through to delivery or warehousing.

    The UK Magnetics Society supports magnetics professionals in all fields across most countries. The society’s members range from industry, government and academia around the world. This also includes researchers, managing directors, PhD students, sales staff, materials specialists, manufacturers, engineers and chief engineers, among others. Promoting cross-pollination of ideas between different disciplines, members come from almost every field of magnetics.

    The partnership

    Goudsmit UK look forward to the continued partnership with the UK Magnetics Society, helping advance the scientific, technical, practical development and application of magnetics technology and materials.

    “The UK Magnetics Society are an invaluable partner for Goudsmit UK. Their extensive knowledge, expertise and widespread services have been instrumental in Goudsmit UK’s success within the magnetics industry”, says Michael Lyness, New Business Development Executive at Goudsmit UK.

    “We are hopeful that the UK Magnetics Society will continue to be a key part of our sales and marketing strategy, providing not only key networking opportunities, but guidance and advice that will continue to strengthen our brand in this ever-growing sector.”

    To get in touch with Goudsmit UK contact us:

    T: +44 (0) 2890 271 001

    D: +44 (0)2890 269 029

    E: info@goudsmit.co.uk

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