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  • Posted on 12th December 2019 in the categories: Company News

    Goudsmit UK News Roundup 2019

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    While 2019 has been a phenomenal year for manufacturing discoveries, inventions and price fluctuations, it has also been a great year for manufacturing news in general. From further development with electric flight to the invention of the dronebrella, 2019 has shown some new and improved concepts in the world of engineering. We’ve looked back at a few of our favourite blogs from 2019.

    Apple’s 2018 iPad Pro Contains A Surprising 102 Magnets

    Apple launched their latest version of the iPad Pro, containing a staggering 102 small magnets. With the latest iPad Pro’s incorporation of many magnets on the back of it to aid alignment, iPad accessories like the smart covers slot into proper alignment without any thought.

    Another small, but highly effective use of more magnets in Apple’s products is on the Folio covers. Specifically, when you fold the cover back behind the iPad Pro it magnetically attaches to the back case, holding it firmly in place so that it doesn’t flap around.

    Electric Planes Are the Future

    Industry experts have started to implement steps in order to achieve electric aircrafts. Trials have already started on aircraft taxiing. EasyJet have also stated that they will release electric planes within the next decade for all short haul flights.

    If airlines like EasyJet were to successfully implement this, it would result in annual savings of £73,000,000 in jet fuel. Alongside a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Magnets are a vital component in an electric motor, with significant progress having been made in this particular field when it comes to electric planes.

    Electric aircrafts would also reduce noise pollution in addition to other environmental and finical benefits. This shift toward electric power reflects that of the automotive industry. Whereby battery-powered vehicles by brands including Tesla are becoming increasingly popular.

    The Dot Braille Smartwatch – What Makes It Tick?

    With features such as a heart rate monitor, step counter and a sleep tracker, smartwatches are becoming part of everyday life. Although, most of them aren’t suited to those who are visually impaired. Visually impaired people who own a smartphone rely on voice technology, but that’s for those who aren’t braille educated. What if instead of voice technology, smartphones were able to send notifications to a watch which visually impaired people could read in braille? This is where Dot comes in.

    A South Korean start-up has produced the Dot Smartwatch, claiming it to be the world’s first braille smartwatch. Dot is a modern mechanical smartwatch that uses braille to enable visually impaired users to read the time, alongside accessing other information which is already available on other smartwatches, such as Apple.

    The Dot Smartwatch enables those who are visually impaired receive real time information from their phone. This includes notifications, text messages, Facebook messages and more, in braille.

    The Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) Process

    MIM merges two established technologies, plastic injection moulding and powdered metallurgy. This frees designers from the traditional constraints associated with trying to shape stainless steel, nickel iron, copper, titanium and other metals. Allowing greater design freedom and more opportunity for innovation.

    Robot Caterpillar Designed to Walk Through Body Delivering Drugs

    Recently researchers from Hong Kong City University have engineered a tiny, millimetre-scaled soft robot that resembles a caterpillar. The robot is designed to crawl around in harsh environments. Such as inside the human body delivering drugs or performing medical procedures.

    A magnetic force is applied in different patterns in order to make the robot move in specific ways. For instance, a magnetic force can be applied in a “flap propulsion” pattern to force it to move forward in a flapping motion. While a magnetic force applied in an “inverted pendulum” pattern will cause it to ‘swing’ itself forward by alternating steps from side to side.

    Introducing, The Dronebrella

    The dronebrella uses a drone that’s connected to an umbrella. Also equipped with Artificial Intelligence software that detects the top of your head and remains positioned above it. The concept relies on technology that’s already in use with autonomous drones. So, the technology driving the dronebrella isn’t totally new. There are also some design hurdles to overcome before everyone is walking around with a floating umbrella over their heads.

    However, it’s important to note that the dronebrella isn’t a practical invention for everyday usage through busy cities due to the many hazards the drone would encounter such as powerlines, low-hanging signs and other people.

    50th Anniversary of The Apollo 11 Mission

    2019 marked the 50th anniversary of when mankind first stepped onto the moon. However, this accomplishment would not have been possible without magnets.

    The guidance and navigation system computers for the Apollo 11 spacecraft and lunar landing module were designed by MIT Instrumentation Laboratory. The memory system specifically used magnets to generate power instead of relying on electricity. Therefore, making the system more reliable and less vulnerable to power outages.

    Meet the Team Series

    Our employees are the key to our success. In 2019 we created a series for you to get to know the people behind Goudsmit UK.

    Goudsmit UK

    While 2019 was an exciting year, we’re looking forward to 2020 and all the revelations sure to come our way. To stay on top of latest innovations, technology and all things Goudsmit UK in 2020 and beyond, be sure to keep an eye on our news section or subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our news page!

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