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  • Is Hyperloop Travel the Missing Link to Battle the Climate Crisis?
  • Posted on 17th November 2021 in the categories: Magnetics

    Is Hyperloop Travel the Missing Link to Battle the Climate Crisis?

    hyperloop travel

    After the Cop26 summit, the delays in finding a solution to curb greenhouse gas emissions are evident. The European Union understands this, which in turn is leading the global fight against climate change. The objective is to reach climate neutrality by 2050, which will require extreme measures, such as:

    • At least 30 million zero-emission cars on European roads by 2030
    • Double the high-speed rail service by 2030 (triple by 2050)
    • Zero-emissions ships and aircraft to be market-ready by 2030 and 2035, respectively

    While there has been some progress by cutting short-haul flights and more EV’s on the road, more progress is needed. Moreover, moving air traffic to rail will likely lead to constraints on the railway infrastructure. Therefore, creating a demand for new traditional rail and high-speed rail lines.

    Hyperloop travel is the missing link

    One of the biggest considerations when referring to battling climate change is time. When it comes to the quickest mode of transport, neither EV’s nor rail can compete with aviation when time is critical.

    Experts have made it clear the missing link for battling climate change and ensuring both passengers and goods reach their destination as quickly as possible lies between the rail and aviation markets. The ideal solution is a mass transport mode that can create sustainability without sacrificing speed, safety, or efficiency.

    Experts in the field believe that missing link is hyperloop travel. Hyperloop train technology gives us the power to create a higher-performing mass movement system. By combining an ultra-efficient electric motor with magnetic levitation and a low-drag environment, hyperloop trains can carry more people at faster speeds than any other transport, with minuscule greenhouse gas emissions.

    Furthermore, traditional rail is ideal for traveling distances of 500 km or less, and air travel is well-suited for distances of more than 1,000 km. Hyperloop travel easily covers trips between 500 and 1,000 km, effortlessly moving across borders on a universal system that avoids one of the pitfalls of early rail development. Therefore, making hyperloop travel the ideal solution.

    The climate crisis won’t wait

    As the weight of the climate crisis grows heavier each day, the time to act is now. Confidently, there is a global desire for change with nations and companies across the globe recognising the potential of hyperloop travel technology.

    The question is no longer whether hyperloop travel is possible. It’s how soon it can be integrated into the ecosystem and where.

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