Posted on 9th July 2019 in the categories: Magnetics

Is it just us or… Does anybody else find magnets really attractive?

Magnet Jokes

The summer holidays are well underway, so we’ve decided to take a break from the technical topics and share some of the Goudsmit UK’s team favourite magnet jokes.

2 magnets walk into a bar

The negative magnet slides over to the positive magnet and says:

Hey, I think I’m attracted to you

Where do magnets grow?

In magnetic fields

Why is the magnet on medication?

Because it’s bipolar

What did the wrecked car say to the electromagnet?

Can I have a lift?

How did Michael Faraday pay for his magnets?

He charged them

You hear about the love struck super magnets?

Whenever they met face to face, they just couldn’t seem to connect, however the moment one turned to walk away, they were nearly inseparable

What did the science teacher say when the kid was experimenting with magnets?

May the force be with you

Can you solve the riddle?

You are in a room where there are no metal objects except for two iron rods. Only one of them is a magnet

How can you identify this magnet?

You can hang the iron rods on a string and watch which one turns to the north (or hang just one rod)

Have you a magnet joke or riddle you’d like to share? Tweet it to us using the hashtag #goudsmituk

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