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Magnetic New Year Resolutions

Magnetic New Year Resolutions

Hello 2020! We’re excited for the New Year here at Goudsmit UK, and we bet you are too. After all, a new year is a new opportunity to refresh and make some changes for the better.

Creating a resolution for the new year can be daunting. Statics indicate that only 8% of people who make a resolution achieve it, making it seem even more unlikely that you’ll achieve yours. But don’t worry – we believe in you! We think you can achieve your resolutions with a little help from our friend, magnets.

Find your resolution below and see how magnets can help you be your best self in 2020:

Magnets and exercise

Every year, exercising more or losing a few off those pounds gained over the holiday season are the most popular resolutions. Magnets can help make your life as a newly minted active person simpler. If you’re considering taking up cycling in the new year, try these magnetic hacks for bicyclists:

  • Magnetic lights – You can attach a bike light to your bike or your helmet using magnets. Glue a strong neodymium magnet to the back of your mobile light source. The magnet should attract to the metal frame of your bike so you can place it wherever you need it.
  • Magnetic belt – When it comes to keeping track of the essentials, you can either make or buy a magnetic belt to hold everything in place. While biking, you don’t want to weigh your pockets down with your phone, wallet and keys. With a magnetic belt, you can evenly distribute your items around your waist, so they don’t get in the way of cycling.
  • Magnetic pedals – Some bikers prefer using pedals that hold their shoes in place while others feel trapped by these spring-loaded mechanisms triggered by a cleat on their shoes. Instead of using a mechanism to hold your shoes in place so they don’t slip on the pedals, you can use strong magnets. Cyclist Dave Williams created the MagLOCK pedals, which will keep your feet in place while biking but also make it easy to remove your feet from the pedals, so you don’t get stuck.

DIY your home with magnetic paint

What’s a better resolution than organising and simplifying your home life? Magnets are a great asset around the house, especially magnetic walls. Magnetic walls can be a great addition to many rooms in your home, you can hang up photos and notes without putting damaging holes into your walls.

Get organised

Many decide to get organised at the start of the year, sound like you? Try a magnetic chalkboard calendar to keep important dates up front and centre. Also, better organise your home with 2 clever magnetic boards:

  • Knife rack – Get your kitchen organised faster than ever.
  • Make-up board – For those of you who have overflowing makeup drawers and few organisational skills, you can use magnets to create a cute makeup board and solve your storage problems.

Get smarter with Goudsmit UK magnets

Of course, if your resolution is a little more focused on the technical side of things, we’ve got just the thing for you! The Knowledge Base section on our website is an excellent resource of scientific, historical, and cultural information about magnets – check it out here.

Regardless of what your resolution is, we wish you a happy, healthy 2020!

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