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Neodymium Magnets in Your Smartphone

neo magnets in smartphone

As established in one of our previous blogs, magnets won’t ruin your smartphone. Instead, they significantly increase their useability and performance.

An invisible, yet vital part of every smartphone is Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets. These small internal magnets are typically used in the:

  • Speaker
  • Receiver
  • Vibration mode motor
  • Taptic feedback motor
  • Camera auto-focus mechanism

Neodymium speaker magnets

Initially, smartphone speaker magnets were single magnet designs. However, smartphones have gotten thinner, whilst consumers demand higher-quality sound and reliability. Therefore, in order to keep up with consumer demands smartphone speakers now consist of up to 5 magnets to provide high quality, consistent sound.

Since these magnets are glued into an assembly which is subject to high temperatures during the manufacturing process, engineers select magnetic grads that can withstand such environments. Often, N48 and N52 are the magnetic grades of choice as they can withstand high temperatures during the manufacturing process and are also the strongest available grades for performance.

Receiver magnets

The receiver refers to the phone’s microphone. Similar to the speaker phones, receivers were initially made with a single magnet, but they are now typically a two-magnet design. Likewise, the two-magnet design is simply a result of smartphones thinner design.

The use of neodymium magnets in the receiver enables a greater dynamic range to be achieved, which delivers high-fidelity reproduction of sound.

Vibration motors

The vibration motor refers to the silent ring motor for when you set your phone to vibrate.  Vibration motors simply use one magnet.

Earbuds, earphones, and headsets

In the last few years, earphones have become more sophisticated and ultimately better. This is a result of NdFeB magnets. Each set of earphones and/or earbuds contains up to 4 magnets. Neodymium magnets have enabled earphones to become smaller in size while significantly improving sound quality.

Goudsmit UK

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