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  • The Importance of CNC Machining in The Green Energy Industry
  • Posted on 30th July 2020 in the categories: CNC Machining, Renewable

    The Importance of CNC Machining in The Green Energy Industry

    CNC Machining in action for green energy industry

    The energy industry is a vital part of today’s society, powering all industries endlessly. As a result, this constant production of energy requires high technology and advanced equipment. CNC machining has been instrumental in the creation of these complex devices.

    Excluding aerospace and automotive, energy production is one of the biggest users of CNC machining. However, the energy industry is at a stage where it may have to make room for newer, greener forms of power. Generally, CNC machined parts will increase the quality of the power generation parts. We have looked at some of the major ways in which CNC machining is playing a key role in this shift.

    Wind Power

    Wind energy production requires parts that are long lasting that can cope with colossal stress while also maintaining accuracy. Turbine manufacturers produce blades for handling wind pressure with minimum wear and tear, alongside producing parts such as the massive bearings that adjust the angle of the blades. Instrumental in the manufacturing of these are metal and carbon fibre machining. CNC machining enables these massive bearings to be manufactured with precise accuracy. As these parts have a vital impact on performance, it is important they are accurate. Similarly, CNC drilling machines are often used for punching holes in tube shell heat exchangers for a variety of energy systems.

    Wind turbines and windmills require CNC machines that process reinforced carbon-fibre plastics or glass fibre materials. The blade of most rotor blades like that of airplanes, thus these machines require extreme accuracy.

    Solar Power

    There are many parts of solar panels that require precise manufacturing, like the frames. CNC milling and drilling machines are ideal for such projects. As production lines are often massive and busy, many companies now have started to offer flexible robotic arms that can handle shapes with more flexibility. This is one of the ways in which CNC machining is freeing up space on production lines.

    Hydro Power

    Hydropower turbines and generators must be robust and able to cope against extreme pressure and water damage. Therefore, they are composed of metals that possess similar qualities. Majority of companies utilise CNC machining to manufacture various components from shafts to impellers. CNC machining can correct minor imperfections in any turbine.

    In addition to turbines, CNC machining is used in the development of the gates for dams and hydropower stations. In some cases, the significant development of CNC machines has allowed to produce or maintain certain parts on-site.

    Goudsmit UK

    Generally, the green energy industry is benefiting greatly from CNC machining and its modern technologies. At Goudsmit UK, our CNC machining services help you improve part manufacturability, enhance product appearance, and reduce overall production time. Our extensive experience and capabilities translate to faster lead times and cost-effective products.

    Contact us today for more information at info@goudsmit.co.uk or on +44 (0) 2890 271 001.

    For more information on our CNC machining abilities visit our webpage or download our products and services brochure.

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