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UK Wind Power Potential

UK Wind Power Potential

Currently in the UK, approximately 10% of its power is generated from renewable resources, with the government committed to increasing the figure over the next decade.

Around 40% of the total wind that blows across Europe comes from the UK. Therefore, making it the windiest country in Europe. Both onshore and offshore wind farms have helped to save over 637 million tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

What is wind power?

Wind power is the use of air flow through wind turbines to mechanically power generators for electricity. Being the second largest source of renewable energy in the UK, wind power is projected to achieve sustained growth. Renewable UK estimates that more than 2 gigawatts of capacity will be deployed per year for the next five years.

Additionally, the European Wind Energy Association predict that Europe could achieve an electricity which is 100% from renewable sources, with wind energy providing 50% of this.

Why wind power?

Essentially, wind power is one of the cheapest renewable energy sources that is continuing to grow its presence globally. Particularly wind farms, whereby onshore wind farms alone can generate over 6 million kWh of energy annually. With the rise in renewable sources like wind power, the need for non-renewable energy sources causing climate change can be reduced.

The UK had the highest level of investments in the wind energy sector in 2015, attracting over £11 billion for the construction of new onshore and offshore wind farms. This accounts for 48% of the total investments made in the wind sector in Europe 2015.

Wind Power Leaders

China has been one of the leading nations for years now, with the largest capacity of wind power being able to produce 145,104 MWh. With the turbines at their full potential, China have the ability to power over 23 million homes across its nation.

Despite having the largest capacity, China continues to be one of the leading nations emitting greenhouse gasses. Their air is considered “unhealthy” and can have extreme effects on health.

Almost 90% of all new power in Europe was produced through renewable energy sources in 2016. In particular, the UK has been one of the leading nations to produce renewable energy through offshore wind. Having over 29 offshore wind farms, the UK could generate 5.1 GW of energy. Recently, the UK committed vast resources to the renewable energy sector. In particular, by guaranteeing an investment of £730 million toward increasing the UK’s wind power capacity.

The Future of Wind Power Energy

The renewable energy industry will continue to thrive. Therefore, remaining an essential component in the shift to a cleaner, greener, and pollution-free environment. Research indicates how wind power technology must continue to find new, innovative ways to gather and distribute energy effectively to keep up with demand.

As cities and their population continues to grow, renewable energy will remain a vital aspect in managing energy efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, with the recent development of Smart Cities, the power of renewable energy sources will be integrated into the next city government projects in order to promote cleaner, efficient, and effective IoT cities.

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