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    Through the provision of bespoke magnets and expert product design assistance, Goudsmit UK collaborated with Artecology to engineer innovative solutions, driving advancements in their field.


    Artecology, Part of Arc Consulting


    Ecological Engineering

    Products Supplied

    “Goudsmit UK are helping us with cutting edge ecological engineering research and development.”

    - Nigel George, Director

    Artecology is the innovative cross-discipline research and development department of Arc Biodiversity & Climate. The company is based in Sandown Bay in the Southeast corner of the Isle of Wight UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Clients Of Artecology typically come from, industry, corporate, NGO and regulator settings. The company’s work features in current IGGI policy guidelines issued by the UK Environment Agency. Artecology’s in-house design innovation team work tirelessly on bringing new eco-engineering ideas to life through product design, prototyping and testing processes. The company also collaborate with research partners and universities to test prototypes before they make it as fully fledged bio-receptive products ready for use with engineered infrastructure and landscapes in marine, freshwater, and land-based developments. Currently, Artecology have products in development for artificial soft sediment habitat creation and coral reef restoration. Artecology shapes green lifecycle solutions from new build, to retrofit and repair, from city to sea. Using Nature Based Solutions they help clients get to grips with Biodiversity Net Gain and build Natural Capital in line with recommendations and regulations outlined in forthcoming policy linked to the Environment Bill & the U.K Government’s 25 Year Environmental Plan.

    Artecology’s latest project consists of using magnetic fixings for some of their already in use constructed wildlife habitat units to allow for easier installation on various types of urban built infrastructure. 

    “Artecology engaged with Goudsmit UK for assistance with the project, Goudsmit UK were the desirable option to engage due to their technical expertise in the science and technology of magnets.”

    -Nigel George, Director

    In this first project with Goudsmit UK, Artecology is specifically looking at the deployment of constructed wildlife habitat units fixed on metal sheet pile bank retaining systems in an estuarine setting using magnetic fixings. This project is the first of its kind globally, as far as the company is aware. The engineering team at Goudsmit UK worked closely with Artecology to design the specification for the custom magnets required to fix the constructed habitat units to the sheet pile. With their extensive knowledge, Goudsmit UK advised on the magnet type, strength, and protective coating that would be best suited to the application and the environment in which it will be used. Goudsmit UK rigorously tested, and quality checked the magnets before dispatching them, ensuring the magnets met the highest of standards set by Artecology.

    Over the coming weeks the magnets and constructed habitat units will be deployed in the Medina Estuary in the town of Newport, in the Isle of Wright UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Although still in its early stages, Goudsmit UK are a critical part of this cutting-edge ecological engineering research and development which is set to revolutionise Eco engineering. If the magnetic fixing system trial proves successful, it’s likely to transform the ecological engineering sector in terms of how and where some types of constructed habitat unit are made and installed in the future. The next stage in the project is to test and hopefully prove the concept. If successful, Artecology will be looking for other ways to implement magnetic fixings in their work and continue their work with Goudsmit UK. As of the 7th June 2022, 7 weeks after installation, the artificial intertidal wildlife habitat unit hasn’t budged a single millimetre. The unit was held in place successfully with 1.2T super magnets with a combined pull of 130kg.

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