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    Precision pressing techniques, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and seamless integration into your applications.


    Explore Value-Driven Solutions from a Trusted Engineering Components Manufacturer

    Engineering components manufactured by Goudsmit UK are used in diverse applications. Leverage our expertise with the aerospace, oil and gas, renewable energy, and automotive sectors to maximise equipment performance and durability. In addition, our signature quality, quick response and on-time deliveries have made us a trusted source for industrial magnets, pressed and extruded parts as well as CNC machined parts. Using the latest technology, we also have the ability manufacture all shapes and forms in small and large quantities. Experience, quality control and also cost-saving strategies; we bring these advantages to your product.

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    Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Specific Requirements

    Optimise Component Performance with Our Design and FEA Expertise

    Optimise Component Performance with Our Design and FEA Expertise

    A wide range of capabilities mean we can offer you basic stamped parts and precision or deep drawn presswork, right through to progression and multi-stage presswork.

    Our experienced engineers are available to review and suitably modify your drawings for manufacturing feasibility.

    Using our expertise and FEA know how, we can analyse how your parts will perform under a full load to ensure your design is optimised for maximum performance.

    Get the Best Material for Your Parts

    Get the Best Material for Your Parts

    As a leading engineering component manufacturer, the range of materials we can supply for your parts is extensive. Based on your tolerance requirements and budget, we can assist you by recommending the best material for your chosen application. Some common materials used are:

    • Stainless steel 304, 316, 430
    • Mild steel and alloy steels
    • Brass
    • Copper
    • Aluminium 6061, 6082
    Quality Finishes for Every Product

    Quality Finishes for Every Product

    To ensure your pressed parts meet the right tolerances and have the quality look and feel you need, we offer a wide range finishes. A non-exhaustive list includes:

    • Anodising
    • Alochroming
    • Bead-blasting
    • Powder coating
    • Wet painting
    • Polishing
    • Electro-plating
    • Shot-blasting
    • Rumbling

    After pressing and forming, parts can be drilled and tapped to provide thread fixings. Intricate forms that could not be pressed can be added by CNC milling.

    Specialised Tooling Solutions

    Specialised Tooling Solutions

    Producing quality tools requires expert knowledge of tooling processes.

    To ensure you have the right tools for the job, we partner with a specialised tooling manufacturer who has cross-industry experience.

    Customised Engineering Components Crafted with Uncompromising Quality to Meet Your Specifications

    At Goudsmit UK, our metal parts are produced to ISO 9001 standard. Aiming to become your manufacturing partner, we offer many value-added services, including design, consultancy, logistics and warehousing.Supplying basic stamped parts to precision and deep drawn presswork, right through to progression and multi-stage presswork.

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