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    Advanced capabilities in delivering high-precision, custom-engineered components through state-of-the-art CNC machining.


    High-Performance Products from a Trusted Engineering Components Manufacturer

    CNC machining is the industry standard technique of manufacturing components quickly, repetitively and cost effectively. The high level of control of non-linear forms has allowed designers to become more imaginative with their components. In addition to enabling designers to move away from more traditional methods of manufacture.

    At Goudsmit UK, our CNC machining services help you improve part manufacturability, enhance product appearance and reduce overall production time. Having supplied high quality components to clients in the automotive, medical, and oil and gas industries for over 20 years, we offer a significant level of expertise across multiple sectors. In addition, we are fully accredited to ISO 9001 quality standard. Ensuring you receive high quality components and service time and again.

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    Customisable Products to Meet Your Specific Requirements

    CNC Turned Parts

    CNC Turned Parts

    Working to your specific tolerance requirements, Goudsmit UK can turn parts for you anywhere in the range of 4mm to 360mm diameter. Our machine cycle times have been programmed to deliver optimum accuracy and repeatability.

    Take advantage of our multiple machining platforms to find the most accurate and economical fit.

    Standard and Custom CNC Milling Solutions

    Standard and Custom CNC Milling Solutions

    With a full complement of 3, 4 and 5-axis machinery, we can mill parts up to approximately 1m x 1m on our largest bed machine. From commonly-used aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel and brass to more specialised and harder materials, we can manufacture all types of standard and custom components. Computer-aided manufacturing technology enables us to minimise machine cycle times and tool wear.

    Range of Finishing Techniques

    Range of Finishing Techniques

    Our finishing equipment and tools can deliver virtually any type of surface that you require. More importantly, we can provide expert guidance to help you select the most appropriate finish for your specific needs.

    Some of the value-added operations we can perform on your parts are:

    • Rumbling
    • Polishing
    • Bead blasting
    • Sand blasting
    • Electroplating
    • Anodising
    • Passivating
    • Powder coating
    • Painting
    • Assembly
    Stringent Quality Control

    Stringent Quality Control

    We have multiple automated Mitutoyo CMM machines and continually invest in the latest metrology equipment and latest computer based vision systems.

    Equipment for hardness, tensile strength testing, composition and geometric tolerance testing is also available to thoroughly evaluate your product.

    Gain a Competitive Edge with Quality Engineered Components from Goudsmit UK

    Our leading-edge machines enable us to manufacture custom components with runs from 5-15K components. We specialise in the supply of mid to high volumes of components to industries as diverse as automotive, oil and gas, aerospace and medical.Goudsmit UK offers world-class tooling design, process control and manufacturing solutions. Our extensive experience and capabilities translate to faster lead times and cost-effective products. In addition, our ISO 9001 accreditation ensures you receive high quality components and service every time.

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