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    Die Casting and CNC Machining Services

    Complete Solutions from an Established Engineering Components Manufacturer

    At Goudsmit UK, we work closely with you to design and develop die casts that perfectly match your application requirements. As a trusted name and leading engineering component manufacturer, we supply parts to a wide range of industries. Our clients in the automotive, medical, aerospace and oil and gas sectors enjoy quality parts at competitive rates. Over 20 years of manufacturing experience translates to greater specialisation options, high production rates and increased component performance for you. Rest assured, you will always receive consistently high quality and value for money.

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    Some of what we offer

    FEA and Design Support

    FEA and Design Support

    For customers that do not have full design capabilities, we can produce 3D models, 2D tolerance drawings, analysis of fit, addition of assembly features, draft angles, tool finish, and much more.

    At the component level, our castings deliver the best performance and adhere to your tolerance specifications. The top 3 design considerations that help us achieve high quality output include:

    • Die fill
    • Mechanical performance
    • Ease of casting

    With a thorough analysis in these areas, we can help you avoid cold welds, air pockets and cold castings. We can also ensure that any Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for mechanical strength is not undone by undetermined casting flaws.

    Die Casting Materials to Suit Your Application Requirements

    Die Casting Materials to Suit Your Application Requirements

    Creating the perfect component starts with selecting the right material. Material choices for castings can be complex and some alloys may not be suitable for the desired shape. We can offer you both high and low-pressure casting options for the following common materials:

    • Aluminium
    • Zinc
    • Cast iron
    • Various steels

    We recommend that you contact us as early as possible to discuss the correct alloy choice for your application.

    Selection of Surface Finishes

    Selection of Surface Finishes

    At Goudsmit UK, we can tailor our services to supply the finish you need on your product. The options include providing your parts as:

    • Cast
    • Trimmed
    • Pre-machined
    • Fully machined
    • With a surface finish

    Shot blasting, bead blasting and vibratory tumbling are some techniques we employ to modify the finish post cast. We can also offer several high-quality surface finishes including:

    • Powder coating
    • Painting
    • Anodising
    • Plating

    Virtually all our post casting is done via CNC machining for enhanced repeatability.

    Specialised Tooling

    Specialised Tooling

    Expert tool design and construction is essential for the successful outcome of your product. As each tool is unique to a specific application, we work with a specialist tooling manufacturing partner to ensure you get the right tools for the job.

    Partner With Goudsmit UK for Quality Engineered Components

    Fully-computerised technology allows for efficient design and production. You can depend on Goudsmit UK to develop a low or high pressure die casting process that will produce your parts economically and with reliable quality.

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