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    Elevate your rail operations to new heights of efficiency and performance with Goudsmit UK’s advanced magnetic and engineered solutions for the railway industry.

    Tailored to Perfection: Bespoke Solutions Catered to Your Unique Application

    With our years of experience, we understand your challenges better than anyone else. We will support you with the most complex projects, both during the theoretical phase and the practical implementation. Our team of engineers perform specific calculations, ensuring the best results. At Goudsmit UK, we offer a range of high-quality industrial magnets and precision machined components to improve the performance and safety of your rail applications. From signalling systems to rail resistors, electric motors and switchgear components, our products are designed to your specifications. Strong but lightweight, easy to install and demount, as well as low maintenance, you can count on our magnet assemblies to deliver significant savings in time and money.

    Revolutionising Railways: Cutting-Edge Magnet Solutions for the Railroad Industry

    Our engineers are constantly looking for technical developments to achieve the most challenging shapes, compositions, strengths, and tolerances. The challenge here is to apply the technology that suits your time-to-market needs. We combine fundamental physical knowledge from an analytical approach with the COMSOL simulation tool to set up, perform, analyse and evaluate numerical simulations. Our specialists work with the latest FEM software, giving you certainty about the function of a magnet or magnet system before the prototype phase.We can support you in the many challenges the rail industry faces as the future looks towards faster, greener, and more energy-efficient trains. Our focus on continuous improvement and experience with remanufacturing enables us to provide you with smart design-engineering solutions that speed up production time while lowering your overall cost.

    Our magnetic products are ideal for:

    • Track-signalling inductors
    • Rail resistors
    • Electric motors
    • Switchgear components
    • And more


    Tell us about your performance, maintenance and cost issues. Our team has a strong track record for resolving problems through innovative design and manufacturing solutions.

    Our capabilities include:

    • Assembling magnets mechanically
    • Injection moulding of magnets
    • Polymer Engineering
    • Pressed Parts
    • CNC Machining
    • Die Castings
    • Extruded Parts
    • Neodymium magnets (NdFeB)
    • Samarium-cobalt magnets (SmCo)
    • Overmoulding of magnets
    • Ultrasonic welding of magnets
    • Gluing magnets
    • Complex plastic-bonded neodymium magnets

    Driving Rail Innovation: 5 Ways Goudsmit UK Gives You a Competitive Edge

    Industry Experience

    Industry Experience

    Our extensive experience with magnetic materials and meeting rail industry requirements translates to reliable products, faster possession time and improved operational safety.

    Comprehensive Manufacturing Services

    Comprehensive Manufacturing Services

    Count on us to take you from prototype to production in the shortest possible time. In addition to design and assembly, we offer packaging and logistics services to cost-effectively ship your products to your factory or direct to your customers, anywhere in the world. Our bespoke sub-contract manufacturing solutions can help you achieve your cost-reduction goals without impacting product and service quality.

    Cost Reduction

    Cost Reduction

    While our main aim is to deliver products without zero defects, we also look out for your bottom line.

    Trust in a range of tried and tested services designed to reduce your expenses while providing measurable returns on your investments.

    Money-Saving Logistics Solutions

    Money-Saving Logistics Solutions

    With warehouses in the UK and Europe, and a full range of logistics solutions, you can look forward to lower transportation costs.

    You can also free up factory space by storing parts in our warehouses.

    Absolute Customer Satisfaction

    Absolute Customer Satisfaction

    We efficiently manage all your business needs, including quality, performance, safety and cost.

    Collaborate with a Premier Permanent Magnet Manufacturer for Consistently Superior Components

    Being ISO 9001 certified means that you are assured of better quality parts, within your budget and delivered on time. Parts manufactured in our joint venture production facilities in China are closely monitored during and after production to ensure they meet industry standards. We will also work with you on any specialised requirements and quality checks you may need.

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