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Sector Expertise

At Goudsmit UK, we understand the key challenges and requirements of specific industries. We’ve developed a strong knowledge base over the years, and gained expertise in various industry sectors. This means we are well positioned to offer you the best sub-contract manufacturing solutions for your application, regardless of sector.


Goudsmit Aerospace Sector

With our AS9100 accreditation, precision manufacturing capabilities and tailored approach, we can supply you with custom engineered components that meet your design specification. We understand the requirements of the industry at all levels of the supply chain, even in the most demanding applications.

Some applications include:

Aircraft seats and interiors
Rotor assemblies for generators and motors

Positioning and speed sensors
Fluid flow and fuel pump sensors


Goudsmit Automotive Sector

All our manufacturing is carried out under the ISO9001 quality management system, and our design and development facilities are approved to TS16949. The diverse range of services that we offer, coupled with our high-quality standards mean we can supply you with custom products in the very competitive automotive industry.

Some applications include:

Anti-lock braking systems



Goudsmit Gas and Oil Sector

The oil and gas industry presents some of the most challenging environments and demanding applications. Despite this, Goudsmit UK have built strong relationships with many clients in the sector. Our experience and knowledge mean that we can work with you to develop your components and assemblies to meet your required specifications.

Some applications include:

Magnetic filtration
NMR exploration tools

Pump and valve technologies
Above-ground MFL inspection technologies


Goudsmit Medical & Pharmaceutical Sector

This industry demands precision, stringent quality, and an in-depth understanding of appropriate materials. We offer a full range of capabilities to provide you with precision CNC machined parts, specialist magnetic components, die castings, plastic parts and more, all supported by our tailored services.

Some applications include:

MRI Scanners
Diagnostic equipment

Specialist cameras
Wheelchairs and postural care


Goudsmit Renewable Energy Sector

Goudsmit UK provide an array of services to enable you to deliver the most efficient, commercially viable energy solutions to your customers. Our high-performance components can help reduce cost, weight and size while increasing the output and operational lifespan of your power generation systems.

Some applications include:

Wind Turbines
Electric Vehicles

Solar power
Air source heat pumps


Goudsmit Rail Sector

As a sub-contract manufacturer of precision components focused on continuous improvement, we can offer parts and assemblies that make us an ideal partner for the rail industry. We can support you in the many challenges the rail industry faces as the future looks towards faster, greener, and more energy efficient trains.

Some applications include:

 Track-signalling inductors
Rail resistors

Electric motors
 Switchgear Components


Goudsmit UK have experience of working within various supply chain functions. That includes producing custom components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the various tiers in their supply chain. While these sectors above represent areas with a strong client base, Goudsmit UK can work with you no matter what sector of manufacturing you’re involved in.

Our focus is mid-to-high volume manufacture in our joint venture facilities in China, across a range of manufacturing capabilities and processes. With our tailored service options, we can remove the hassle and uncertainty of manufacturing in China by delivering your designs right to your door.

If you would like more information on how we can assist you in your sector, please feel free to download our brochures or get in touch today and a member of staff will contact you within 48 hours.

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