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    Goudsmit UK celebrating 25th anniversary


    Celebrating 25 Years of Goudsmit UK

    Posted on 29th June 2022 by Megan Lennon

    The red carpet was rolled out and champagne was popped as staff, family and friends enjoyed a day of food, ...

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    Corporate Responsibility ad giving back to the community


    Corporate Responsibility: We’re Turning 25 and We Want to Give Back!

    Posted on 9th March 2022 by Megan Lennon

    Goudsmit UK continually strive for responsible growth of our company that is not only financial, but also social and ecological. ...

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    Quality Engineered Components


    Goudsmit UK – Quality Engineered Components

    Posted on 21st January 2021 by Megan Lennon

    Quality Engineered Components From Goudsmit UK, you will receive quality components, affordable solutions and superior customer service. We aim to ...

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    Services offered by Goudsmit UK one of the leading Magnet Manufacturers UK


    Magnet Manufacturers UK

    Posted on 8th October 2020 by Megan Lennon

    As one of the leading magnet manufacturers UK, Goudsmit UK is part of the Goudsmit Group of companies based in ...

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    Brexit dice, deal or no deal?


    Brexit Update

    Posted on 7th October 2020 by Megan Lennon

    The deadline is fast approaching to agree the rules for the new UK-EU relationship. The transition period ends on the 31.12.20 ...

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    COVID-19 germs


    Covid-19 virus Update

    Posted on 18th March 2020 by Megan Lennon

    We’re all aware of developing issues arising from Covid-19 and as the uncertainty continues to evolve at pace, our ...

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    Farnborough International Airshow 2020 - Aircraft at the airport


    TAKE OF IN: 129 DAYS!

    Posted on 12th March 2020 by Megan Lennon

    Goudsmit UK, a trusted engineering components manufacturer, today announced its participation at Farnborough International Airshow 2020. The event provides a range ...

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    Coronavirus & Goudsmit UK Production Facilities in China

    Posted on 30th January 2020 by Megan Lennon

    At Goudsmit UK, we pride ourselves in our commitment to customer service. Therefore, we constantly review our practices and procedures ...

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    Renewable UK logo with Offshore wind farm


    Goudsmit UK Joins Renewable UK

    Posted on 4th January 2020 by Megan Lennon

    Goudsmit UK are excited to confirm their membership with Renewable UK. Obtaining this membership provides a secure foundation to operating ...

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    UK Magnetics Society logo on engineer working on FEA


    UK Magnetics Society Membership Renewal

    Posted on 3rd January 2020 by Megan Lennon

    Goudsmit UK are pleased to confirm they have renewed their membership with the UK Magnetics Society. Continuing their membership for ...

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    Person going through news stories on Ipad


    Goudsmit UK News Roundup 2019

    Posted on 12th December 2019 by Megan Lennon

    While 2019 has been a phenomenal year for manufacturing discoveries, inventions and price fluctuations, it has also been a great year ...

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