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    Where innovative solutions merge with unparalleled expertise to revolutionise healthcare and improve lives.

    Comprehensive Manufacturing Excellence: Tailored Solutions and a Diverse Range of Services

    Magnets and magnetic assemblies from Goudsmit UK, are uniquely designed to meet pharma precision standards. You can rely on our experienced engineers to customise magnetic materials and their strength to fulfil your specific application requirements. With our deep knowledge of magnets and industry needs, we are equipped to enhance product performance, improve safety and increase lifespan. Customers who've relied on us for years know that we can fulfil most types of specialised testing and meet the toughest compliance standards.

    Advancing Healthcare: Precision Magnets and Machined Components for the Medical Sector

    In an industry where environments need to be controlled, parts made to precision tolerance and demands made for the highest quality, Goudsmit UK have been successful in providing a range of solutions. Eliminating risks is the most important task of magnets in the pharma industry. To achieve this, the Goudsmit Group has developed the EHEDG magnetic filter and the EHEDG hydroform Cleanflow magnet, which can be cleaned quickly and easily, especially for medical equipment.

    Applications for our magnets include:

    • MRI scanners
    • Diagnostic equipment
    • Specialist cameras
    • Wheelchairs and postural care


    No matter what material you choose or how complex your design, you will receive our expert support and detailed attention at every stage of your project.

    The Goudsmit Group’s magnetic products include:

    • Magnetic grids neodymium (Neoflux®)
    • Magnetic plates neodymium (Neoflux®) for dry or wet use
    • Magnetic drum separators food/pharma 9000 gauss
    • Magnetic drum separators Lenastar 12000 gauss
    • Magnetic filters, hygienic (EHEDG)
    • Cleanflows manual cleaning - static
    • Magnetic filters, sanitary
    • Magnetic inspection rods
    • Gaussmeter/Teslameter
    • Add-on magnetic head pulleys
    • High-gradient magnetic head pulley systems
    • Magnetic bars neodymium (Neoflux®)
    • Magnetic filters, hygienic (EHEDG) - Clean In Place
    • Cleanflows semi-automatic cleaning - static
    • Cleanflows automatic discontinuously cleaning - static
    • Cleanflows automatic continuously cleaning - Rotating
    • Cleanflows manual cleaning - Rotating
    • Cleanflows semi-automatic cleaning - Rotating
    • Cleanflows automatic discontinuously cleaning - Dust-proof - Rotating
    • Cleanflows automatic continuously cleaning - Static

    Empowering Medical Innovation: Goudsmit UK, Your Ideal Manufacturing Partner

    Specialised Industry Knowledge

    Specialised Industry Knowledge

    Our difference lies in employing our deep understanding of the science of magnetic materials to match the right ones to your needs.

    With precise and stringent quality control systems, we eliminate risk.

    Comprehensive Manufacturing Services

    Comprehensive Manufacturing Services

    We have a full range of capabilities to provide you with precision CNC machined parts, specialist magnetic components, die castings, plastic parts, and more, all supported by our tailored services. In addition, we offer seamless sub-contract manufacturing solutions to help you reduce costs.

    Cost-Effective Solutions

    Cost-Effective Solutions

    Our products and services are designed for manufacturability and cost-efficiency.

    Many of our clients rely on us to streamline their go-to-market processes.

    Worldwide Logistics Network

    Worldwide Logistics Network

    With warehouses in the UK and Europe, we can ship to your factory or directly to your customers worldwide.

    A variety of local, regional and global logistics solutions help us meet the diverse needs and budgets of our customers.

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Our first-rate magnetic products and assemblies resolve the toughest, most complex manufacturing and performance issues for many of our customers.

    With fast delivery times and competitive pricing, we provide added value.

    Engage a Premier Industrial Magnet Manufacturer for Cost-Efficient Services

    At Goudsmit UK, we offer cost-efficient solutions for every product. Our strict quality control systems catch and resolve flaws at the earliest stages of your project. No matter what level of additional quality checks you require, we will work with you to meet your needs. Part of the well-known Goudsmit Group, you can depend on our world-class operations and knowledgeable experts to save you time and money.

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