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  • Aluminium Extrusions in Healthcare Applications
  • Posted on 6th May 2021 in the categories: Extruded Parts, Medical Industry

    Aluminium Extrusions in Healthcare Applications

    Aluminium Extrusions

    Aluminium extrusions are well suited for use in healthcare environments. Aluminium’s light weight, corrosion resistance, design flexibility, ease of machining and fabrication and durability make it highly effective in the healthcare industry for various extrusion applications.

    The aluminium extrusion process delivers a near-net shape, reducing cost and time compared to other manufacturing methods. Additionally, extruded parts can be manufactured to tight tolerances, providing the precise dimensions needed for medical components and instruments.


    Aluminium extrusions are used in a wide variety of healthcare applications, including:

    • Walkers
    • Wheelchairs
    • Crutches
    • Beds
    • Patient positioning systems
    • Surgical lights
    • Surgical instruments
    • Radiation and medical imagining
    • Medical testing equipment

    What do medical device manufacturers require?

    Manufacturers are constantly striving to improve their processes in order to satisfy and keep up with the ever-challenging demands of medical devices.

    Medical device manufacturers are highly dependent on their extrusion providers to meet their needs for complexity, tolerance, quality, and compliance. In other words, they seek extruders who can provide complete device solutions. This reduces risk, improves quality, and speeds up time to market.


    Aluminium can be extruded and bent to specified tolerances or to standard dimensional tolerances. While a product’s dimensions and bend angles can be methodically measured and re-measured, the end product will only be as precise as the bending equipment or method used.

    There are several factors which should be considered when choosing which bending process is best suited your product. Before beginning the design process, it is important to consider the following:

    • What tolerances, or deviations, are expected on the inside radius, the outside dimension radius, and the overall length of the part?
    • Which surface areas are critical for appearance?
    • What mechanical strength is required?

    The product’s alloy, temper and cross-section also are important considerations.

    Goudsmit UK

    Goudsmit UK produce bespoke extrusions based on your design and volume requirements. Using our advanced capabilities and over 20 years’ experience, we assist you in minimising material content while ensuring that the extruded form (once employed in the application) will work below the maximum yield strength. When combined with our superior quality and complementary services, you are assured that your parts will be production ready.

    For more information visit our extrusions web-page or download our products and services brochure.

    Contact us at info@goudsmit.co.uk or on +44 (0) 2890 271 001.

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