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    Excellence embedded in every step, with robust quality assurance processes ensuring impeccable quality and performance.

    Delivering Impeccable Products: Our Commitment to Zero Defects

    At Goudsmit UK, we aim to deliver products with zero defects. To make this possible, we have successfully achieved the ISO 9001 certification. Our quality systems are the backbone of our manufacturing services and have helped us improve our product development processes significantly. Whether you require custom magnets, die casts, pressed or extruded parts, you are assured of the highest quality possible as well as paperwork and traceability that meet industry standards.

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    Elevating Standards: Our Established 5-Step Quality Assurance Process

    1. Pre-Manufacture Quality Assurance

    1. Pre-Manufacture Quality Assurance

    To maintain manufacturing feasibility and ensure that no design details are omitted, we put your product through a rigorous checking system. Tools used include; Advanced Quality Planning, Failure Mode Effect Analysis, Quality Assurance Specification Sheets and finally historical statistical data to assess projected dimension capabilities. These tools should highlight any shortcomings in either the process or design which will inhibit the product from being manufactured to the correct standard.

    2. Measurement in Production

    2. Measurement in Production

    To guarantee repeatability of good parts, we input measurements during production into a Statistical Process Control system which monitors the dimensions.

    For batch manufacture and low production volume, other techniques such as gauging, may be used.

    3. Post-Manufacture Measurement

    3. Post-Manufacture Measurement

    To ensure your requirements are met, we record post-manufacture measurements and submit an Initial Sample Inspection Report or Production Inspection Report with your parts. A range of QA equipment, which is calibrated annually, helps us maintain our high standards. The measurements and checks at this stage include:

    • Manual and automatic CMM machines
    • Permeameter, Helmholtz coils and gauss meters for magnets
    • Surface roughness, plating depth and hardness for finish
    • Thread gauges
    • Shadowgraph and microscopes for optical checks
    • Mass spectrometer for compositional checks
    4. Composition and materials

    4. Composition and materials

    The type of material and the process used will both impact quality. While some clients require characterisation of material properties, others may need verification of composition or the element content.

    To this end, we can provide composition, charpy impact tests, hardness tests and tensile strength tests, all of which are certified by a UK test house.

    5. Corrective Action

    5. Corrective Action

    At Goudsmit UK, we have a clear system of quarantine, non-conformance reporting, 8D resolution and a skilled engineering team to ensure the root cause of defects is correctly identified. The right controls are put in place to prevent reoccurrence.

    Choose a Reliable Engineering Components Manufacturer for Guaranteed Quality

    A winning combination of engineering expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, experienced staff and strict quality control, makes Goudsmit UK your ideal manufacturing partner. Rest assured that our products will meet your specifications and industry standards. Continual monitoring of key process indicators enables us to incorporate the latest QA trends in all our systems.


    “Goudsmit UK rigorously tested, and quality checked their magnets before dispatching them, ensuring they met the highest of standards set by us.”

    -Nigel George, Director

    “Goudsmit UK are an important part of Fernox’s product production, providing bespoke, high-quality magnets and technical support.”

    -Sam Hayes, Project Engineer Fernox

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