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    From concept to completion – Ensuring seamless coordination, effective communication, and meticulous planning.

    Mitigating Risk and Maximising Your Success Potential

    At Goudsmit UK, we have earned our customers’ trust by ensuring product quality and also swift delivery to the marketplace with our incredible project management skills. Whether you need a prototype or a high volume order, rest assured that your project will be delivered:

    • On time
    • Within budget
    • Matching the defined scope

    Our difference lies in identifying any risks early and quickly resolving them to increase the chances of your success. From design and manufacturing to assembly, shipping and warehousing, we expertly manage every stage to keep your job on track. Our project management skills can take your company to the next step.

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    Navigating Success: Goudsmit UK's Reliable Project Management Approach

    Project Development Stages

    Project Development Stages

    With more than 20 years of experience in sub-contract manufacturing, we have established a seamless 6-step process:

    • Project definition: Defining the goals, objectives and critical success factors.
    • Project planning: Making detailed plans of how the work will be carried out, including time, cost and resource estimates.
    • Project initiation: Ensuring we have everything that is needed to set-up the project before work commences.
    • Project execution: Working efficiently to deliver the desired outcome and the highest product quality.
    • Project monitoring and control: Ensuring your project stays on track and taking quick corrective actions where necessary.
    • Project closure: Finalising all activities across each step of the process to formally close your project. This includes administrative activities such as archiving files and documenting the lessons learned.


    Efficient Project Control Systems

    Efficient Project Control Systems

    At Goudsmit UK, our efficient project control systems eliminate the gap between planning and execution.

    From the time we receive your order to the post-implementation review, we maintain full involvement and strict control over each step of the the process.

    Modern Planning and Management Tools

    Modern Planning and Management Tools

    The following tools enable us to optimise project control:

    • GANTT charts
    • CPA
    • PERT
    • SWOT analysis
    • Grid analysis
    • Risk Analysis

    We mainly use Microsoft Project and Visio for planning and implementing our tools and methodologies for success.

    Goudsmit UK: Your Preferred Manufacturer of Engineering Components

    Understanding that no two customers’ requirements or expectations are the same, we work closely with you to achieve your objectives. Continual communication, open dialogue and transparency enable us to build lasting partnerships with our clients in the automotive, medical, aerospace, and oil and gas sectors. Count on us to meet your exacting needs in everything from engineering and quality assurance to logistics and project management.


    “Goudsmit UK’s ability to understand Fernox’s requirements partnered with their technical capabilities also allowed us to gain time savings, better lead times and increase in-house knowledge and expertise.”

    -Sam Hayes, Project Engineer, Fernox

    “We simply couldn’t do it without them.”

    - Simon Goodchild, Managing Director, Magnatech

    “I just wanted to say thanks for your support and cooperation in supplying the parts on this order. The project has gone well and the parts you supplied were critical in its success.”

    AFL Global, Design Engineer

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