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    Custom Extrusions for Maximum Yield

    Production-Ready Parts from a Reliable Engineering Components Manufacturer

    Goudsmit UK produce bespoke extrusions based on your design and volume requirements. Using our advanced capabilities and over 20 years experience, we assist you in minimising material content while ensuring that the extruded form (once employed in the application) will work below the maximum yield strength. When combined with our superior quality and complementary services, you are assured that your parts will be production-ready.

    Goudsmit UK use what is known as the direct extrusion process. This is where the cylindrical aluminium alloy billets are heated to a temperature between 450 and 500 degrees before being loaded into a container, and billet is squeezed through the die using ram pressures of up to 600MPa. The die is supported by a series of black dies ad bolsters so that the main press load is transferred to a front platen. You can find more information on extruded parts production in our products and services brochure.

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    Products to Meet Your Requirements:

    Reduce Waste with Expert Design Review and FEA

    Reduce Waste with Expert Design Review and FEA

    Using our extensive manufacturing knowledge, we can review your drawing prior to production. This will ensure you have a product design that reduces waste without compromising the strength and functionality of your part.

    We utilise our design expertise and FEA skills to evaluate and consider:

    • Uniform wall thickness
    • Soft lines
    • Smoothing
    • Solid profiles (if possible)
    • Pockets or channels
    • Decoration
    Extrusion Materials

    Extrusion Materials

    At Goudsmit UK, we use a direct extrusion process with various heat treatments available to suit your specific requirements. The most common alloys extruded are:

    • 6060
    • 6101
    • 6063
    • 6005A
    • 6082

    Most of the extrusion produced by Goudsmit UK is 6000 series which combines the aluminium with magnesium and silicon. Other material options may be available at the time of enquiry.

    Turnkey Extrusion Finishing Services

    Turnkey Extrusion Finishing Services

    Almost all of the extrusions we produce here at Goudsmit UK are modified or post machined to suit customer application requirements. Often, bespoke extrusions are a starting point for a complex component that will be milled or turned to produce a final component. The following post machining procedures are commonly carried out:

    • Drill and tap of holes
    • Milling of slots
    • Pressing in of inserts
    • Turning groves and more complex forms
    • Inserting plastic mouldings to form telescopic slides
    Expert Tooling Services

    Expert Tooling Services

    We aim to ensure that your tooling is accurate before manufacturing begins.

    As each tool is unique to a specific application, we work with a specialist tooling manufacturer to minimise errors which could impact customer's time to market.

    Produce High-Quality Equipment with Quality Engineered Components from Goudsmit UK

    The experienced and dedicated team at Goudsmit UK is committed to manufacturing high quality parts that meet your specifications and are delivered on time and within budget. Our superior work and customer service have earned us the loyalty of clients in the automotive, aerospace, medical and oil and gas sectors. Extruded parts can be manufactured to ISO 9001 and AS 9120B quality standards.The 6000 series range of aluminium alloys is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and material grades. Goudsmit UK offer a range of post machining procedures and finishes. Pantone colours can be supplied for both wet paint and powder coat finishes, and parts can be marked by either screen printing or pad printing.

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