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    Where precision engineering and pioneering technologies take flight, propelling the industry towards limitless possibilities.

    Tailored Excellence: Customised Manufacturing Solutions to Meet Your Aerospace Needs

    We understand the importance of aerospace components and work closely with our clients to deliver a quality service and first-class final products that meets the stringent needs of the aerospace industry.With our precision manufacturing capabilities and tailored approach, Goudsmit UK can supply you with custom engineered components that meet your exact specifications. Designed for use in an extreme environment, our industrial magnets and engineering components offer enhanced performance and durability. With a track record for producing commercially viable products, we are your ideal manufacturing partner.

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    Elevating Aerospace and Aviation: High-Performance Magnets for Enhanced Efficiency

    Goudsmit UK provides machining services at all levels of the aerospace supply chain, from simple to complex custom engineered components.At Goudsmit UK, we design, manufacture and supply permanent magnets and systems that have a lower weight and perform optimally under gruelling conditions. While samarium cobalt is a popular material choice for higher working temperatures, our Neoflux® brand of neodymium magnets are a powerful alternative in certain applications. Take advantage of our deep knowledge of the physical and mechanical properties of magnetic materials to design lighter, cost-effective magnetic assemblies.

    Goudsmit UK’s magnets and other product offerings may be used in:

    • Fluid flow and fuel pump sensors
    • Positioning and speed sensors
    • Rotor assemblies for generators and motors
    • Aircraft seats and interiors


    Whether the application is to detect fluid flow rates or for electric drives that will replace traditional combustion engines, we can design prototypes and produce high volumes to meet your aerospace manufacturing requirements.

    Our capabilities include:

    • Assembling magnets mechanically
    • Injection moulding of magnets
    • Polymer Engineering
    • Pressed Parts
    • CNC Machining
    • Die Castings
    • Extruded Parts
    • Neodymium magnets (NdFeB)
    • Samarium-cobalt magnets (SmCo)
    • Overmoulding of magnets
    • Ultrasonic welding of magnets
    • Gluing magnets
    • Complex plastic-bonded neodymium magnets

    Taking Flight: 5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Goudsmit UK for Aerospace Excellence

    Industry Experience

    Industry Experience

    We understand the requirements of the industry at all levels of the supply chain and can deliver even the most demanding applications.

    From weight reduction to greater holding strength and increased fuel efficiency via miniaturisation, you can count on us to help you fulfil critical needs.

    End-to-End Services

    End-to-End Services

    From prototype design through to mass production, shipping and warehousing, our extensive manufacturing services reduce go-to-market time and cost.

    Our value-added print and packaging solutions will create a positive and lasting impression on your customers.

    Cost-Effective Rates

    Cost-Effective Rates

    Our extensive experience, resources and service offerings translate to affordably-priced magnets and aerospace components for our clients.  

    Worldwide Logistics Network

    Worldwide Logistics Network

    With warehouses in the UK and Europe, we can ship to your factory or directly to your customers anywhere in the world.

    We work with trusted logistics partners to offer our clients a range of local, regional and global shipping services via air, sea or express courier.

    Unparalleled Customer Service

    Unparalleled Customer Service

    Fast turnaround, bespoke services and hallmark quality have helped us earn the trust of our customers.

    Aiming to become your long-term manufacturing partner, we work tirelessly to ensure you are fully satisfied.

    Collaborate for Success: Partner with a Trusted Permanent Magnet Manufacturer for Cost-Effective Aerospace Components

    With consistent progress over 20 years, we can offer you a wide range of precision components in various materials. Products manufactured in our joint venture production facilities in China are closely monitored during and after production to ensure they meet your specifications. Whatever quality checks you require, we will work with you to meet your needs.

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