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Why Is Transport Electrification Important?

Transport Electrificatin

What is transport electrification?

Companies have started to turn to electrification to power transportation and industrial processes in an attempt to reduce emissions, adopt alternative energy and increase efficiency. In addition, electrified systems are often lighter in weight and easier to control than fluidic and mechanical systems.

The electrification revolution has meant engineers across the globe have had to develop ways to generate heat and power using electricity in place of combustion.

The most popular examples of electrification include electric and hybrid cars. However, electrification has went beyond the automotive industry, further expanding into industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Heavy duty
  • Off road
  • Shipping

Although it sounds simplistic, engineers cannot simply connect every product to a battery or another electricity source and expect it to work. It most cases, implementing electrification initiatives result in a complete redesign of a product’s power systems.

Implementing initiatives with simulation

There are a number of design hurdles that engineers will typically face when implementing and or designing electrification initiatives, including:

  • Electric machines
  • Control software
  • Electromechanical systems integration
  • Power electronics
  • Energy sources

Redesigning current systems into electrical systems create unique challenges for some engineers. Therefore, many utilise simulation software to help. This enables engineers to overcome any problems safely, quickly and on budget. The added benefit of simulation software is that it ensures that all their electrical, mechanical and software control systems interact safely and optimally early in product development cycles without building a physical prototype.

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