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    Electric Planes


    Electric Planes Are the Future

    Posted on 2nd May 2019 by Megan Lennon

    Both environmental and financial benefits would emerge if aircraft’s had the ability to be powered by electric motors rather ...

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    AIX 2019


    The Destination For The Global Aircraft Interiors Industry

    Posted on 11th April 2019 by Megan Lennon

    From the 2nd-4th of April, five representatives from Goudsmit UK exhibited at the Aircraft Interiors Expo. The Aircraft Interiors ...

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    Aluminium Extrusions


    Current Trends in Aluminium Extrusions

    Posted on 4th April 2019 by Megan Lennon

    The extrusion process of aluminium enables manufacturers to take advantage of the large number of design options it offers. The ...

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    Aircraft Manufacturing Market


    Aircraft Manufacturing – The Global Market

    Posted on 7th March 2019 by Megan Lennon

    Overview Over the last five years, the Global Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing industry has managed to reach new heights. While the ...

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    Goudsmit UK Press Release


    Magnets Set to Attract Interest at Industry Shows

    Posted on 28th February 2019 by Megan Lennon

    At the Hamburg Messe from the 2nd-4th of April 2019, AS 9100 certified Goudsmit UK (stand 3UA11A) will present a ...

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    Aerospace forum Birmingham


    We’re Exhibiting at Aerospace Forum Birmingham

    Posted on 21st February 2019 by Megan Lennon

    Goudsmit UK Confirm Attendance at Aerospace Forum Birmingham Goudsmit UK, one of the leading engineered component manufacturers, today announced their ...

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    Goudsmit UK Aircraft Interiors Exhibition Image


    Aircraft Interiors Exhibition | Goudsmit UK

    Posted on 29th January 2019 by Megan Lennon

    Goudsmit UK announces participation in the 2019 Aircraft Interiors Exhibition Goudsmit UK, a trusted engineering components manufacturer, today announced its participation ...

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    Developments changing the aviation industry


    7 Technological Developments Changing the Aerospace Industry

    Posted on 8th November 2018 by Megan Lennon

    If there is one industry has never shunned technology, it’s the aerospace industry. Advances after advances, specifically with the ...

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    Magnets In The Aerospace Industry


    Magnets In The Aerospace Industry | Goudsmit UK

    Posted on 18th October 2017 by Goudsmit UK

    Why has the demand for more powerful magnets had a significant increase in recent years? Advancements in the aerospace industry ...

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    ADS Membership


    Goudsmit UK Confirm ADS Membership

    Posted on 27th July 2017 by Goudsmit UK

    Goudsmit UK confirm ADS membership – Advancing their position as a supplier of custom engineered components to the aerospace industry. Following ...

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    Ferrite Magnets


    Ferrite Magnets | Goudsmit UK

    Posted on 15th June 2017 by Goudsmit UK

    Magnetic Materials Overview Following on from our previous articles on Neo and Samarium Cobalt, next on the agenda for review ...

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