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  • Posted on 28th February 2019 in the categories: Aerospace Components, Company News, Magnetics, Trade Shows

    Magnets Set to Attract Interest at Industry Shows

    Diagram showing where magnets are located in a plane

    At the Hamburg Messe from the 2nd-4th of April 2019, AS 9100 certified Goudsmit UK (stand 3UA11A) will present a range of magnetic product solutions for the aerospace industry.

    The company designs, manufactures and supplies engineered components, permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies that are lower in weight than their predecessors and continue to perform optimally over the long term in the toughest conditions.

    Such magnets can be found in actuators, linear drives and electric motors, including those intended for the aerospace industry. Special software is also used to simulate and test whether the critical requirements are met for:

    • Tensile forces
    • Torques
    • Field strength
    • Temperature
    • Sensor specifications

    Weight reduction – which is always desirable for the aerospace industry – is made possible using alternative magnet types with higher efficiency.

    Furthermore, having attained the AS 9120 certification, the company is now a qualified supplier to the aerospace industry.

    In addition, the company supplies the basic principles, data and knowledge for the design process of magnet assemblies. The company’s embedded knowledge of the physical and mechanical properties of magnetic materials is employed from the earliest stages of design. In addition, it is also called upon to suggest effective, lighter and cost-effective alternatives. This is achieved in part using analytical methods for describing magnetic circuits, calculation methods for determining the required dimensions of permanent magnet circuits and two- or three-dimensional finite elements processes.

    The Aircraft Interiors Expo

    Goudsmit UK representatives will be available stand 3AU11A for additional inquiries. Pre-arranged meetings can be made in advance by calling +44 (0) 2890 271 001 or also visiting the company website.

    Aerospace Forum Birmingham

    You can also visit Goudsmit UK at Aerospace Forum Birmingham. In addition, Goudsmit UK plan to showcase their advanced capabilities in producing leading precision machined components. Pre-arranged meetings can be made in advance by calling +44 (0) 2890 271 001 or also visiting the company website.

    For more information contact Michael Lyness on +44 (0) 2890 271 001 or email michael@goudsmit.co.uk



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