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    Aluminium Extrusions Parts


    Current Trends in Aluminium Extrusions

    Posted on 4th April 2019 by Megan Lennon

    The process of aluminium extrusions enables manufacturers to take advantage of the large number of design options it offers. The ...

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    Die Casting parts


    Die Casting Services and Applications

    Posted on 7th February 2019 by Megan Lennon

    Die casting is a manufacturing process in which molten metal is poured into steel moulds. Moreover, the moulds are created ...

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    Various extruded parts made from aluminium 6000 Series


    6000 Series Aluminium Alloys

    Posted on 11th October 2018 by Megan Lennon

    Most of the extrusion produced by Goudsmit UK is the 6000 series, which combines aluminium with magnesium and silicon. Goudsmit UK’...

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