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    Injection Moulding


    How Injection Moulding is Revolutionising the Medical Device Industry

    Posted on 24th April 2024 by Megan Lennon

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare and medical technology, the demand for high-quality, reliable, and also cost-effective medical devices ...

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    Injection Moulding Material


    Material Matters: The Key to Customised Injection Moulding Solutions

    Posted on 17th January 2024 by Megan Lennon

    Injection moulding is a critical process in manufacturing, where the right material choice can be the difference between success and ...

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    Injection Moulding Solutions


    Customisation and Tailored Injection Moulding Solutions: Goudsmit UK’s Approach to Meeting Unique Needs

    Posted on 29th September 2023 by Megan Lennon

    In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving manufacturing landscape, businesses face a myriad of challenges that demand innovative solutions. One-size-fits-all approaches ...

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    Can Injection Moulding Solve the Electrification Challenges?

    Posted on 4th January 2023 by Megan Lennon

    The drastic growth in electrification in recent years highlights how there is a cleaner, more efficient way to power vehicles ...

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    Injection moulding


    What You Need to Know About Injection Moulding

    Posted on 9th November 2022 by Megan Lennon

    Injection Moulding is a manufacturing process for producing plastic parts in small, medium, or large volume. Typically, injection moulding is ...

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    Metal Injection Moulding


    Simplifying the Metal Injection Moulding Process

    Posted on 20th May 2021 by Megan Lennon

    Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) involves manipulating metal powders to behave like a plastic by mixing them with polymer binders to ...

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    Services offered by Goudsmit UK one of the leading Magnet Manufacturers UK


    Magnet Manufacturers UK

    Posted on 8th October 2020 by Megan Lennon

    As one of the leading magnet manufacturers UK, Goudsmit UK is part of the Goudsmit Group of companies based in ...

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