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    Congestion at ports


    20% of Container Ships are Stuck in Congested Ports

    Posted on 11th May 2022 by Megan Lennon

    The global supply chain crisis continues as latest reports show 1 in 5 container ships are stuck in congested ports. China’s ...

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    Logistics solutions


    Helping You Navigate Through the Freight Crisis With Logistics Solutions

    Posted on 16th March 2022 by Megan Lennon

    Goudsmit UK have extensive experience offering a range of logistics solutions, helping ease your frustration through the current freight crisis. ...

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    global shipping


    No let-up in Sight for The Global Shipping Disruption

    Posted on 4th November 2021 by Megan Lennon

    The global shipping turmoil has pumped freight costs to record highs, with no let-up in sight. The head of Braemar ...

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    From Just in Time to Just in Case

    Posted on 3rd June 2021 by Megan Lennon

    Recently, global supply chains are being stretched thin more than ever by the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Therefore, ...

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    Services offered by Goudsmit UK one of the leading Magnet Manufacturers UK


    Magnet Manufacturers UK

    Posted on 8th October 2020 by Megan Lennon

    As one of the leading magnet manufacturers UK, Goudsmit UK is part of the Goudsmit Group of companies based in ...

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