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  • Delivering Your Project Within Cost, On-Time and to the Highest Quality Standards
  • Posted on 17th June 2021 in the categories: Quality, Sub-Contract Manufacturing

    Delivering Your Project Within Cost, On-Time and to the Highest Quality Standards

    Project Management at Goudsmit UK

    We recognise the importance of Project Management in ensuring that your project is delivered within cost and scope, on time and also meets your quality requirements.

    Customers’ expectations vary broadly, thus a key element of our approach is the building of partnerships with our customers. We rely on open and regular communication with our customers to ensure that all aspects of the project are transparent.

    Project Development Stages

    In order to ensure a successful project and a long-term partnership, we aim to take your project through six stages:

    1. Definition: Defining the goals, objectives, and critical success factors for the project
    2. Planning: Detailed plans of how the work will be carried out including time, cost and resource estimates
    3. Initiation: Everything that is needed to set-up the project before work can commence
    4. Execution: Doing the work to deliver the product and desired outcome
    5. Monitoring & Control: Ensuring that a project stays on track and taking corrective actions, where necessary
    6. Closure: All activities will be finalised across each step of the process to formally close the project. Administrative activities include the archiving of files and documenting any lessons learned

    Project Control Systems

    As part of our project management process, project control has been established as an independent function. We place specific emphasis on project control as it keeps the project on track, on time and within budget. With carefully structured planning, project control is implemented from the beginning of a project right through to completion with the post-implementation review. Therefore, allowing us to have thorough involvement in each step of the process.

    Furthermore, we achieve optimum project control using various methods and instruments, to include:

    • GANTT Charts
    • CPA
    • PERT
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Grid Analysis
    • Risk Analysis

    With access to a variety of supporting software, we have the ability to implement the tools and methodologies within our planning both efficiently and effectively.

    Goudsmit UK

    We specialise in the design, industrialisation, and also manufacture of custom industrial components. Goudsmit UK can also design, and sub-contract manufacture entire products and offers a comprehensive and global logistics service.

    ISO 9001 and AS AS9120 certified, Goudsmit UK supplies products into a diverse range of industries including Automotive, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Medical and Renewable Energy.

    In addition, we implement Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) to ensure that products and production processes meet market requirements and client expectations. APQP is a disciplined process which works to ensure that a structured sequence of activities is completed. At Goudsmit UK our main objective is to produce a product quality plan which will support the design and development of your product.

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