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  • Posted on 9th February 2023 in the categories: Automotive Industry, Die Casting

    Castings for the Electric Vehicle Sector

    Castings for the electric vehicle sector

    As the focus on sustainability continues, the electric vehicle sector is rising. Both businesses and governments globally have published their plans to reach net zero emissions within the next few years. 

    Casting materials available for the electric vehicle sector

    Depending on the application within the Electric vehicle sector, castings can be manufactured from a variety of materials to ensure functionality and also a long lifespan of the product. Ensuring the correct material from the outset is vital, as some alloys may not be suitable for the desired shape. Goudsmit UK can offer advice on the best materials to be used for your application.

    Electric vehicles require materials that can not only be cast into the desired shape, but also preform well on the road. The most desirable properties for the electric vehicle sector include:

    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Resistant to wear and tear

    A commonly used material in electric vehicles is aluminium. Aluminium offers several highly desirable properties including strength, durability and lightweight. Therefore, in an environment where aerodynamics is desired, aluminium is the perfect choice. Aluminium is also non-magnetic, thus ensuring it won’t damage or interfere with other components. Another key characteristic of this material is corrosion resistance, which is why its commonly found in engines and batteries.

    Copper is another material commonly used in the electric vehicle sector. In addition to being used for batteries, its more commonly used for electronic applications. Copper is an element in which can be easily alloyed with other materials, making it highly valuable in the sector. Other properties of copper include its durability, corrosion resistance and also flexibility.

    Moreover, there are other materials which are key for the EV market, including zinc and cobalt, steel, and carbon steel.

    Casting applications in the electric vehicle sector

    As briefly discussed, EV castings are used in several applications. Our aim at Goudsmit UK is to deliver products with zero defects. Our quality systems are the backbone of our manufacturing services, whatever you require you are assured of the highest quality possible as well as paperwork and traceability that meet industry standards.

    Numerous components can be cast for wide-ranging uses, including:

    • Steering columns
    • Seat frames
    • Car bodies
    • Engine parts
    • Airbag casing
    • Batteries
    • Control panels
    • Door handles
    • Charging stations

    In addition to understanding the quality demands of the electric vehicle sector, we fully understand the service demands required in terms of JIT delivery, stockholding, and audit procedures. If you’d like more information on this, visit our automotive webpage.

    Goudsmit UK

    We offer complete solutions tailored to your application requirements. Over 25 years of manufacturing experience translates to greater specialisation options, high production rates and also increased component performance for you. Rest assured, you will always receive consistently high quality and value for money.

    Visit our die casting page for more information or visit our resources page to download our brochure.

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