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    Goudsmit UK’s collaboration with Fernox involved delivering bespoke magnets and utilising Finite Element Simulation, resulting in significant product improvements and elevating performance to new levels.





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    The support Goudsmit UK provide to our business is highly valued, and it is a pleasure working with the team, who have been very responsive and supportive of our needs as a business.”

    -Sam Hayes, Project Engineer

    Established in 1964, Fernox is a leading manufacturer of water treatment chemical products, central heating system filters, plumbing consumables, and diagnostic testing services. Fernox has pioneered the development of energy efficient products both for traditional and renewable technology in domestic and commercial applications. The business is committed to a progressive Research and Development programme and has invested in an extensive in-house R&D team of scientists a based in the UK, US, and India.  Fernox’s operating headquarters are in Woking, UK with manufacturing facilities in the UK and Europe. The company have offices across the globe in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, People’s Republic of China, and the US, with plans to expand further into Eastern Europe and Asia. Fernox operates as a subsidiary business of MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions, a global diversified producer of high technology specialty products and a provider of technical services and is a business unit of Element Solutions Inc (NYSE: ESI). Element Solutions Inc is a leading specialty chemicals company whose businesses supply a broad range of solutions that enhance the products people use every day.  Partnering with Goudsmit UK for over a decade now, Fernox has benefited from the company’s extensive knowledge and expertise.

    Due to aggressive competition in the marketplace, Fernox needed to reduce application costs to remain competitive. Goudsmit UK were appointed to lead a project focused on improving the cost and performance of the magnet assembly currently manufactured by Goudsmit UK used within a magnetic filtration product.  The team at Goudsmit UK were very supportive in this objective, providing their expertise to help improve cost while maintaining excellent performance. Initially, a meeting was held to discuss the design requirements which set the basis for the extensive technical support provided. This support consisted of detailed flow simulation work completed based on discussed concepts. From here, Goudsmit Engineers presented the in-depth findings to the Fernox team and provided samples for testing. After testing, design changes were implemented and a successful outcome has been achieved. Goudsmit UK’s ability to understand Fernox’s requirements partnered with their technical capabilities also allowed Fernox to gain time savings, better lead times and increase their in-house knowledge and expertise.  Fernox have paused the existing magnet assembly production to implement the design changes found through the project.

    “Thank you for all your help, support, and expertise!”

    -Sam Hayes, Project Engineer

    Having built a long-standing partnership with Fernox for more than decade, Goudsmit UK are proud to provide Fernox with the technical requirements they are unable to do in-house. Goudsmit UK are an important part of Fernox’s product production, providing bespoke, high-quality magnets and technical support.  

    “We look forward to the future with Goudsmit UK, making more of our excellent long-standing working relationship.”

    -Mark Hall, Head of Mechanical Engineering & Devices

    Fernox are a global leader in their field and are committed to supplying high technology specialty products in which Goudsmit UK play a vital role. Fernox plan on continuing the great working partnership with Goudsmit UK.

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