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    Goudsmit UK’s collaboration with Hyperloop Manchester involved delivering bespoke magnets and comprehensive engineering support, driving advancements in the cutting-edge transportation system and pushing the boundaries of high-speed travel.


    Hyperloop Manchester


    Hyperloop Transportation

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    “We are honored to have the support of Goudsmit UK. They will play a crucial part in achieving our high ambitions at Hyperloop Manchester, starting from Hyperloop competition in the Netherlands in summer 2022 and going beyond it.”

    - Stepan Dishdishyan, Hyperloop Manchester

    Hyperloop Manchester, who were finalists in the EHW 2021, was founded in 2019. The team are dedicated to further developing and implementing Hyperloop technology in the UK. Currently, the team are working on the design and development of Hyperman 1. Having significantly grown since 2019, the team consists of approximately 50 members and 30 alumni members from different nationalities and backgrounds. Hyperloop Manchester competes in Pod Competitions arranged by some of the most esteemed organisations, with an aim to compete in one of the SpaceX competitions over the coming years. Another prominent purpose of Hyperloop Manchester is knowledge sharing around the world. In addition to their work on developing Hyperman 1, the research division of the project explores the impact of Hyperloop, both sociologically and scientifically.

    As a leading European manufacturer of permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, and engineered components, Goudsmit UK have been able to supply bespoke magnets and engineering support to the highest standard required by Hyperloop Manchester. Hyperloop Manchester contacted Goudsmit UK to be a key sponsor in their Hyperman 1 project. They required an expert from the magnet industry to help them achieve levitation for hyperloop, in which the magnets are intended for. The resources and engineering knowledge offered by Goudsmit UK enabled them to provide the most cost-effective solutions, in turn allowing our customer to be more competitive within the hyperloop transportation industry. Availing of Goudsmit UK’s extensive experience and expertise, Hyperloop Manchester have benefited from increased knowledge around the usage of magnets within their team, alongside receiving quality parts.

    The Hyperloop Manchester and Goudsmit UK working relationship is in its early stages, but Goudsmit UK will continue to support the team through their sponsorship for years to come.  

    “Goudsmit UK are thrilled to be part of such an exciting project, these projects have the potential to revolutionise the movement of goods and people across the globe, in which magnets will play an integral part.”

    -Michael Lyness, Goudsmit UK

    In the future, Goudsmit UK hope to supply more bespoke magnets and engineering support. Based on the outcome of hyperloop competitions and further research, Goudsmit UK will provide any design changes and support to enable Hyperloop Manchester progress in their project. Hyperloop Manchester are competing in the European Hyperloop Week competition in July 2022, the team at Goudsmit UK hope to be in attendance to support the team and wish them the best of luck.Read about Hyperloop Manchester's time at European Hyperloop Week here.  Get the June 2023 update from the Hyperloop Manchester team here. 

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