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    Goudsmit UK’s partnership with Magnatech Fuel Conditioning Ltd included the supply of bespoke magnets, efficient stock holding, and seamless logistics, optimising fuel conditioning processes and ensuring uninterrupted operations.


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    “We have been working with Goudsmit for several years and their service is never less than exemplary. Whilst always maintaining the highest level of professionalism they still manage to provide a personal touch to their services. The team are all great and we have answers to our questions quickly with the utmost detail. A great company to work without throughout.”

     - Simon Goodchild, Managing Director

    Magnatech Fuel Conditioning Ltd offers technology based on the discovery that high-powered magnets placed in a particular sequence on fuel feed pipes cause the fuel to burn at a higher temperature and therefore optimises boiler performance. With the help of Goudsmit UK, Magnatech have designed and built a Fuel Conditioning System for todays’ boilers and water heaters. The high-tech System lowers heating and hot water bills while also reducing carbon emissions.With the help of Goudsmit UK’s vast distribution network Magnatech operate globally, with the system now also available in the USA, Australia, China, and Africa. Magnatech is one of just 15 Companies in Europe who now hold the TRITECH ETV certificate.

    The new owners of Magnatech Fuel Conditioning Ltd were introduced to Goudsmit UK in 2018.  It was a tough transition for the new Magnatech owners as previously they were just distributors of the technology. However, the entire Goudsmit UK team were on hand to help simplify the transition, enabling the Magnatech directors to clearly understand the practicalities of the design work carried out.Goudsmit UK’s highly skilled engineering team offered recommendations on how to improve the system’s original design from 2007. With this, Magnatech have successfully built a system that’s highly effective in delivering both energy saving and reducing carbon emissions that last a lifetime.Goudsmit UK’s operations team continually explain lead times and public holidays which can affect shipping from China to guarantee Magnatech’s products reach them on-time, while also making the pricing models as clear and precise as possible ensuring Magnatech’s business runs smoothly.

    “We simply couldn’t do it without them.”

     - Simon Goodchild, Managing Director

    Goudsmit UK have been incredibly supportive through some tough times and helped keep the company’s commitments when Magnatech Fuel Conditioning Ltd lost one of its owners to cancer quite suddenly at the end of 2018.Goudsmit UK have helped Magnatech with numerous technical requirements which they are unable to do in-house. Specifically, Magnatech wanted to know how deep the magnetic field penetrated into a tube. Goudsmit UK were able to successfully determine this by conducting Magnetic Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in order to simulate the magnetic field for their product when assembled to a steel pipe. This has led to a significant increase in sales for Magnatech with many new clients coming on board.Magnatech have total confidence in the advice, the service and professionalism and ultimately the quality of the finished product from Goudsmit UK.

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