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    Goudsmit UK’s collaboration with Magnom involved delivering bespoke CNC components and innovative packaging design, enhancing performance and efficiency in their filtration systems, and revolutionising particle separation processes.


    Magnom Corp


    High Specification Engineering

    “Magnom Corp have partnered with Goudsmit UK for over 20 years. Goudsmit UK are a valuable part of our team and have provided a very reliable and professional service during this time.”

    -CEO, Magnom Corp

    Magnom Corp, is a company built on patented product and technology, supplying OEM's and distribution worldwide with their patented products. Magnom Corp’s customers consist of both multi-million and billion-dollar companies, spread across the globe.Magnom Corp operate high level O/A requirements, in both quality and performance. With the help of Goudsmit UK, they have been able to supply their innovations into global markets and fight well above their weight in a risk averse, and demanding marketplace. Availing of Goudsmit UK’s extensive expertise and comprehensive services, Magnom Corp have been able to expand into various industries from Formula One to Renewable Energy and volume off highway vehicles and machines.

    As one of the leading UK engineering component manufacturers, Goudsmit UK have been able to supply high-volume components and products to the high-quality standards required by Magnom Corp. Goudsmit UK’s value-added design, assembly and logistics services help Magnom Corp develop access to their global markets faster. The flexibility offered by Goudsmit UK over the duration of the working relationship has helped Magnom meet the ever-changing demands imposed by the engineering marketplace. Goudsmit UK’s ability to understand Magnom Corp’s requirements has helped them to provide the most cost-effective logistics solutions. A winning combination of engineering expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, experienced staff, and strict quality control, make Goudsmit UK Magnom Corp’s preferred manufacturing partner.

    The Magnom Corp and Goudsmit UK working relationship started over two decades ago now. Both company projects began around the same time, thus the companies have effectively grown and expanded together. 

    “We view our relationship as a partnership, and do not look to Goudsmit UK as a mere supplier.”

     -  CEO, Magnom Corp

    Goudsmit UK is a fundamental part of Magnom Corp’s product production and manufacturing processes, providing specialist production design support and logistics throughout our long relationship.Magnom Corp consider their partnership with Goudsmit UK more like two groups of people working together, rather than two individual companies. Magnom Corp have built an invaluable partnership, based on shared values, aspirational working ethics, and quality of service.  

    “Aside from the operational benefits of using Goudsmit UK, Magnom Corp have found the day-to-day communications have been very smooth due to the high caliber and friendliness of the Goudsmit UK staff, who show a genuine desire to meet our needs.”

                                                                                                      -  Product Manager, Magnom Corp

     Through difficult trading conditions, both teams have been able to communicate and maintain supply to the standards expected and required by Magnom Corp's OEM and end user customer base, worldwide.Magnom Corp and Goudsmit UK look forward to a continued successful partnership.

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