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Goudsmit UK produce bespoke extrusions based on your design and volume requirements. For well over 10 years we have used our capabilities to assist clients in minimising material content while ensuring that the extruded form, once employed in the application, will work below the maximum yield strength.

Extruded Parts - 1


Using our manufacturing knowledge, we can review your drawing prior to production and utilise our FEA skills to evaluate and consider:

Uniform wall thickness
Soft lines

Solid profiles (if possible)

Pockets or channels

This will ensure you have a product design that reduces waste without compromising the strength and functionality of your part.

For more detailed information on extrusion types and profiles please download our brochure.

Extruded Parts - 2


At Goudsmit UK, we use a direct extrusion process with various heat treatments available to suit your specific requirements.

The most common alloys extruded are:




Other material options may be available at the time of enquiry. To discuss your specific material requirements please contact us.

Extruded Parts Tooling


Almost all of the extrusions made by Goudsmit UK are in some way modified or post machined. We will work with you to provide the level of finish you require, and you can receive your parts:

As extruded

Fully Machined
With a surface finish

For more detailed information please download our brochure or get in touch with us today.

Extruded Parts Finishing


Expert tool design and construction is essential for the successful outcome of your product. As each tool is unique to a specific application, we work with a specialist tooling manufacturer to ensure you get the right tools for the job.

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