As Goudsmit UK’s longest standing employee, Cathy has been at the company now for over 15 years. Cathy started of in Goudsmit UK as part of the operations team and now sits at the core of the company as our highly valued Managing Director. Cathy’s leadership and problem-solving skills enables her to ensure that the business performance is always heading in a positive direction, growing the business, creating jobs, and providing a shareholder return. Another key aspect of Cathy’s job is creating and developing lasting relationships with customers and suppliers. Alongside, leading, coaching, mentoring employees and supporting professional development.

With her people skills and patient nature, Cathy possesses the ability to make the tough calls in order to ensure effective decision making and a successful business. While Cathy often finds her role challenging and stressful, she notes that the best part of her job is how rewarding it is with a happy workforce and satisfied customers.

When Cathy’s not in the office, she coaches kids’ Gaelic football and likes to spend time with family and friends. Cathy also likes to spend her weekends at the beach, far away from her high-pressured role as Managing Director.

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