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  • Posted on 18th March 2021 in the categories: Energy, Renewable

    The Future of Renewable Energy

    Two windmills

    It is now possible to see a future where almost all electricity in the UK comes from climate-friendly energy sources like wind, wave, and sun. The UK is making huge progress, with now 37% of electricity coming from renewable sources. What is more, Scotland produces 90% of electricity from renewable sources.

    Is clean energy the future?

    Yes, it has become increasingly necessary to address the problems of global warming, health effects and sustainability of fossil fuel dependency. Fortunately, solar power is becoming cheaper, and thus many countries have decided to invest various forms of renewable energy.

    For instance, the UK leads the charge with 6 of the 10 highest capacity offshore wind farms around the globe.

    Could the World be Fully Powered by Renewable Energy?

    Yes, the whole world can run on renewable energy sources, but it is going to take time. In the future, most of our power, including that used to heat our homes and power our cars, will come from wind and solar power. A smaller percentage will come from tidal, hydro, and geothermal.

    Read our full blog on this here.

    Why is clean energy important for our future?

    There are infinite reasons why clean energy is important for our future, here are some of the most critical:

    • Global health will improve – Especially for those who live in cities, the air we currently breathe is polluted. According to the World Health Organization, “approximately 7 million people die every year due to respiratory diseases caused by breathing in polluted air”. This is largely due to the burning of fossil fuels, which in turn releases carbon dioxide into the air.
    • Promote economic growth – Renewable energy sources like wind power has the ability to promote economic growth, especially welcome in rural areas where local economies could benefit from extra jobs created.
    • Create jobs – Clean energy job roles are fast growing occupations globally, with jobs being created and maintained. Wind energy also creates indirect employment opportunities across the UK and worldwide, with factories globally building the parts needed for wind turbines.
    • Better for the environment – Wind energy helps to cut the amount of sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions because it does not rely on any burning of fossil fuels to function.
    • Fewer floods and droughts will occur – The significant amount of water that is required annually to power the plants that burn fossil fuels, droughts are becoming far more likely. Climate change is also causing floods, which damages thousands of homes every year.

    What is the future of energy?

    One major change in recent years is that climate change has become a far greater topic of conversation. Generally, wind and solar energy are the ideal options when it comes to clean and sustainable sources of energy. They are the fastest growing, the cheapest and do much less damage to nature and wildlife. However, any source of renewable energy is preferred over fossil fuels.

    Why is renewable energy increasing?

    The production of renewable energy is increasing for three main reasons:

    1. Fossil fuels are causing health problems for both the planet and for humans.
    2. The negative effects of global warming.
    3. In time, fossil fuels will run out.

    Frankly, if the production of renewable energy is not increased, there will not be sufficient energy to power the world.

    How will renewable energy help the environment?

    Since renewable energy is a clean energy source, it will enable an end to the production of harmful chemicals and stop the need for disruptive mining practices. In turn, the ozone layer will be able to recover, enabling our air to become purer.

    Goudsmit UK

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