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  • Posted on 6th July 2022 in the categories: Services

    Why Partner with Goudsmit UK?

    Partner with Goudsmit UK

    Goudsmit UK make a consistent contribution to world class engineering, manufacturing a variety of precision magnets and parts for clients across wide-ranging industries. What sets Goudsmit UK apart from our competitors isn’t just our high-quality components, but also out modern machinery techniques, delivery reliability and the complementary services we offer our customers. We’ve taken a look a look at some of the reasons why customers choose Goudsmit UK as their life-long manufacturing partner.


    Excellent service is at the heart of everything we do, with the goal of making manufacturing easy. In 2021 our PPM was 0.092%, reinforcing our testament to quality. From your initial contact with us to the safe delivery of your custom parts, we take care of your project. Always providing you with fast lead times, great quality and outstanding value. We remove any stress from the supply chain by becoming your manufacturing support team.

    Our quality systems are the backbone of our manufacturing services and have helped us improve our product development processes significantly. Using our extensive scope of capabilities including 3D design support, automation, tooling solutions, and reverse engineering, we help you eliminate design flaws prior to production. Additionally, we can conduct an engineering analysis and testing based on your specific project requirements.

    Documentation can be provided that conform to industry standards such as ISO 9001 and AS 9120B.

    Delivery reliability  

    In the current climate of supply chain issues and the shipping crisis, our customers have benefited from our experience, resources, and industry connections to ensure they have as little disruption to their production lines as possible. This is reflected by our delivery reliability, which was sitting at 99.81% for 2021.

    We’ve earned our customers’ trust by ensuring product quality and also swift delivery to the marketplace with our incredible project management skills. Our difference lies in identifying any risks early and quickly resolving them to increase the chances of your success.


    Goudsmit UK offer a great deal of flexibility from design revisions through to stock monitoring. Clients often take advantage of our bespoke design and assembly solutions in order to make design revisions to meet unique application requirements.

    On-time delivery (OTD) is vital for majority of our customers. Therefore, we order and manage stock in a unique way to suit each specific business needs. Even with uncontrollable circumstances such as Brexit and COVID-19, Goudsmit UK worked tirelessly to ensure products reached our customers on-time.

    A vast distribution network allows us to transport your stock globally. We offer our customers great flexibility when it comes to shipping their parts. Often customers need a certain quantity of parts from their order quickly and at late notice. We’ve ability to offer custom solutions to facilitate this, regularly by shipping part of the order by air. Changes like these can be made up until one week before the vessel is due to leave. A testament to our ability to be flexible in meeting our customer’s needs is reflected by our 97.1% customer satisfaction score in 2021.

    Logistics expertise & warehousing

    Goudsmit UK continuously communicate with our customers proactively, from order confirmation right through to delivery tracking. We manage expectations and provide multiple solutions, allowing customers to make conscious decisions when balancing cost versus supply chain risk.

    Goudsmit UK offer a vast array of logistics solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs. Most favourably among our customers, we have the capability to hold consignment stock and offer bespoke warehousing solutions to ensure we can deliver your parts when you need them, within a matter of hours.

    Whilst freight delays are unavoidable at present, we’re working with our customers by holding larger volumes of UK stock for longer. We would encourage that a minimum of 8-10mths of buffer stock is considered when re-ordering new production. In order to help reduce the impact of freight delays and lessen the potential requirement for costly airfreight.

    Goudsmit UK

    For more information on why you should partner with Goudsmit UK visit our services web-page or download our brochure.

    Contact us on +44 (0) 2890 271 001 or at info@goudsmit.co.uk

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