Posted on 8th August 2019 in the categories: Magnetics

Don’t Look Now, But You’re Surround By Magnets!

Surrounded by magnets

Often you won’t see them but they’re there, inside the devices you use every day. They get you to work and back home, they keep you in touch with friends around the world, and they make your life easier in a thousand different ways. That’s right, we’re talking about magnets.

If you ask most people to list any magnets in their homes, typically their first response will be about the ones stuck to the refrigerator, holding up family photos or their shopping list. After that, there’s a high chance that they might be stuck for ideas.

That’s why we’ve created this infographic identifying numerous of the hidden magnets in your home right now, and the contribution they make to your day-to-day life.

You’d be surprised to discover how many appliances and electronic devices don’t rely only on electricity. Electricity supplies the juice, but somewhere inside the motor there is likely a magnet that also needs to do its job before you can wash your clothes, clean your floors or send an email.

And those devices that need phone jacks and connectors? They require magnets too.

What would the world look like without magnets?

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