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  • Fears Over the Supply of Neodymium Magnets for Wind Turbines
  • Posted on 26th March 2020 in the categories: Magnetics, Renewable

    Fears Over the Supply of Neodymium Magnets for Wind Turbines

    Neodymium Magnets

    How important is green energy?

    Wind energy has become one of the most viable clean energy sources on the planet. Over the years, most of our electricity has come from coal, oil, and other fossil fuels. However, creating energy from these resources takes a severe toll on our environment, contaminating our air, land, and water. This realisation has made many turn to green energy as a solution. Therefore, renewable energy is extremely important for many reasons, including:

    • Positive environmental impact
    • Jobs and other economic benefits
    • Improved public health
    • A vast and inexhaustible energy supply
    • A more reliable and resilient energy system 

    The increase development and usage of wind turbines

    The need for renewable energy continues to increase. There’s a steady growth of turbines being construed compared to the few that were about more than a decade ago. The ongoing development in both design and performance of wind turbines has resulted in the significant development of neodymium magnets to be able to keep up with the intense demand, globally. With the intestines of renewable energy predicted to surge further in the future, it is a form of power that is here to stay.

    At present, North America and China are the most likely to continue the development of their wind turbines as both governments are sill providing grants and incentives for the sector. China has seen a drastic increase in wind turbine development, which resulted in them taking over Germany’s production.

    Have China all the power?

    China announced that with the increased construction of wind turbines, there is going to be a greater demand for rare each metals and in particular neodymium magnets. With this, renewable manufactures are faced with the question, “is there going to be a supply of neodymium magnets?” The answer is simple, there’s going to be an increase in the number of rare earth magnets produced. Although, China has noted that they plan to heavily increase their construction of wind turbines, thus there may come a time when there will be export limits for rare earth magnets.

    This leaves real concerns over the future available of rare earth metals, proving a major challenge for those heavily reliant on the supply from China. Manufactures have looked into developing wind turbines without neodymium magnets, which is possible but will certainly not be near the high standard of those manufactured today.  Neodymium magnets are the obvious choice in wind turbine manufacturing because of their strength and small size, which reduces the weight of the turbine significantly. Without them, turbines will be a lot less effective and the money that is being poured into their development could be wasted.

    Goudsmit UK

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