Posted on 19th September 2019 in the categories: Magnetics

Introducing, The Dronebrella


Finally, new technology that allows you to keep both your hands free and your head dry. The days of grappling with your old-fashioned brolly and desperately trying to avoid it being turned inside out by the wind may be a thing of the past.

How does it work?

The dronebrella uses a drone that’s connected to an umbrella. Also equipped with Artificial Intelligence software that detects the top of your head and remains positioned above it. The concept relies on technology that’s already in use with autonomous drones. So, the technology driving the dronebrella isn’t totally new. There are also some design hurdles to overcome before everyone is walking around with a floating umbrella over their heads.

However, it’s important to note that the dronebrella is not a practical invention for everyday usage through busy cities due to the many hazards the drone would encounter such as powerlines, low-hanging signs and other people.

The prototype

The current prototypes of the dronebrella weigh around 11 pounds and have a flight time of just 20 minutes. Your morning commute may be a lot longer than that, but don’t worry the umbrella’s designers are confident they can reduce its weight to a lighter two pounds and expand the flight time to at least an hour. Although, this will vary depending on the weather, especially if the gadget has to battle the constant downforce of falling rain, and the winds that usually accompany it. In addition, the drone’s propellers serve as a fan, providing cool air below on warmer days.

Due to laws regulating where drones can fly, the umbrella drone will be initially be available solely in private areas such as upscale golf courses. The innovative gadget is expected to retail for approximately £230 and is due out next year.

At that cost, it’s a pretty costly umbrella you wouldn’t want to leave behind on the bus. Although, this might one day be the first umbrella to autonomously hunt you down when it’s forgotten somewhere.

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