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The World’s Smallest Magnet Just Got Smaller

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Nano-scientists have created the world’s smallest magnet, a slice of material, just a single atom thick. The discovery of this ultra-thin magnet not only makes 2D magnetism possible at room temperature, but it also uncovers a new mechanism to realise 2D magnetic materials.

The ultra-thin magnet operates at room temperature, therefore presenting new opportunities for the development of technology, such as:

  • Memory devices
  • Research into ferromagnetism and quantum physics

The development of the ultra-thin magnet

The magnet was discovered by scientists at Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley. “We’re the first to make a room-temperature 2D magnet that is chemically stable under ambient conditions,” said senior author Jie Yao, a faculty scientist in Berkeley Lab’s Materials Sciences Division.

Typically, the magnetic component in today’s memory devices are made up of magnetic thin films. However, at the atomic level, these materials are still three-dimensional which means they are hundreds or thousands of atoms thick. Over last couple of decades, researchers have explored ways to make thinner and smaller 2D magnets in order for data to be stored at a higher density.

Previously, 2D magnetic materials have brought promising results, however they lose their magnetism and become chemically unstable at room temperature. However, this ultra-thin magnet is the first of its kind, operating at room temperature or higher and it’s also the first magnet to reach the true 2D limit, while being as thin as a single atom.

The new material

This amazing achievement was made using a material called cobalt-doped van der Waals zinc-oxide. As the name suggests, it’s created by combining graphene oxide, zinc, and cobalt.

The new material of the ultra-thin magnet can be bent into almost any shape without breaking and significantly thinner than a sheet of paper. With this, the ultra-thin magnet could help advance the application of spin electronics or spintronics, a new technology that “uses the orientation of an electron’s spin rather than its charge to encode data”. The discovery of this new, robust ultra-thin magnet has been described as a genuine breakthrough by scientists across the globe.

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